Styling Outfits In The Tricky Spring Weather

Styling Outfits In The Tricky Spring Weather

The Spring weather is full of surprises and you never know what you’re going to get. One minute it’s rainy and cold and the next it’s full of sunshine. It’s confusing to us fashionistas! Tricky weather has not stopped us from our plans before and they certainly won’t stop us now. No need to contemplate any longer about what to wear for the unexpected Spring weather because Fashion Style Guru has got you covered. Our savvy fashion-forward bloggers know exactly how to solve this fashion crisis with a few tips and tricks. Read on for the tips!

Layering Up And Down For All Weather Forecasts

The key to ruling Spring with the latest yet comfortable fashion trends is layering. Whether it’s a cool or warm day, learning how to layer properly is essential for the Springtime. For a cold rainy day, layering up on sweaters and jackets is the right idea. Grab a beanie and scarf too, it’s still not too late to rock them! Because the Spring weather is so unexpected, layering a short-sleeve shirt underneath a sweater, if possible, is life-saving. Be prepared for anything. If it’s a warmer day, take advantage of it and break out some shorts and a t-shirt. While soaking up the sun feels great, it’s never a bad idea to bring along a sweater or jacket of some sort for extra warmth if the weather takes a chilly turn.

Stay Warm & Stylish With Over-The-Knee Boots

When it comes to shoes for the transition of Winter to Spring weather, thigh-high and knee-length boots do the trick. We’re tired of wearing pants! As soon as the sunlight hits, shorts, dresses, and skirts are welcome to join the fashion show. Although it is still chilly at times during sunny Spring days, tall boots take the spot of long pants. Acting as a layer of warmth, thigh-high boots protect bare legs from the cold weather while still giving the cute Spring vibes we’re craving. Give the jeans and sweatpants a break and let your legs see the light of day!

Listen To Mom- Always Bring A Jacket

Listen up Ladies- this is the number one rule when it comes to Spring fashion and moms: Always bring a jacket! The weather is all over the place during this time of the year and can snap at any moment changing from pouring rain to beautiful sunshine. Think ahead and prepare for the worst by bringing a jacket. It can be lightweight, heavy-duty, or just a plain sweatshirt. Style your entire look of the day based on a jacket and use it as the main focal point. Whatever you bring will help. Like mom always said, don’t forget your jacket!

Be Prepared For Unexpected Weather This Spring Season

Spring is springing soon and that means a mixture of sunshine, thunderstorms, flowers, and showers will take over for the next few weeks. Get a step ahead of the weather and come prepared for all outings and events with a few simple outfit tweaks. Grab what you need and head out of your house feeling cute, confident, and ready for any and all Spring weather forecasts. Looking for more fashion tips? Subscribe to our blog and keep up with the latest ongoing trends, what’s next in fashion, and innovative styling tips!