Stylish Sleepwear

velour pajama set

Stylish Sleepwear

We all know someone who takes pajamas very seriously. Since we spend a good portion of our lives snoozing in dreamland, we might as well invest in some quality sleepwear. The perfect pair of pajamas must look adorable and keep you warm without making you sweaty. YUCK! It’s a tall order for pajamas to deliver but we found some alluring, breathable sleepwear pieces that’ll meet all of your pajamas needs.

Pretty in Pink

This classic two-piece set is simply darling. The ski bottom pants won’t ride up during the night and the functional pockets making these perfect for a full-blown pajama day as well as being brilliant for bedtime.

Complete the look with a delightful pair of faux fur bunny slippers to keep your toes feeling snug in some soft faux fur.

Sporty Sleeper

We’re head over heels for this set. The ski hems will keep annoying bunching that happens with most pajamas at bay and allow you to stay warm and cozy throughout the night.

Grey makes these pajamas perfect for all year round but the pop of red adds a little something extra making these pajamas as cute as they are comfy. Add some extra red to your ensemble by matching this pajama set with some buffalo check ballerina slippers.

A Festive Affair

If you’re going for a more festive approach to your sleepwear this season, then a pajama set will help you get the job done. The best part is that they are breathable and are not warmth overkill as some holiday pajamas tend to be. They’re both functional and positively adorable.

Again, you have to show your feet some love. Hop into these chenille fair isle slipper bootie so you don’t catch a nasty chill during those frosty winter mornings.