Summer Chicness: Quarantine Edition

Summer Chicness: Quarantine Edition

Nobody ever imagined living through a global pandemic in their lifetime. Everyone is in this together, which makes these uncertain times a bit more comforting. As the world slowly starts to reopen, all the fashionistas eagerly await to get back out there and show off their new summer pieces. Nonetheless, we must all stay safe while doing so.

Although it seems like the world has come to a halt, there are still so many ways to look trendy and chic this summer even while stuck in quarantine. Fashion is an outlet for some of us and nobody said getting dressed up to go in your living room was a crime! Check out these awesome ways to create awe-inspiring daily looks this summer.

Fashionable Face Masks

The newest fashion trend of 2020 is, of course, the now-infamous face mask. Seeing everybody wear a face mask in public may seem a bit unsettling at first glance, but you can liven up the mood by rocking a brightly colorful facemask with adorable designs. Sometimes wearing a surgical mask to the store could ruin an outfit, but lucky for you there are so many fashionable masks on the market now. Wearing a face covering in public may be our new normal for a while, so throw out the blue and white surgical masks and find one that effortlessly fits your style.

So many brands have been coming out with fabric face masks in recent months while also following the trends. Nothing else screams “quarantine chic” than a trendy face mask with neon colors, animal print, tie-dye, and so many more unique options! Wearing a mask and social distancing in public is extremely important to help protect ourselves and others. Wearing a mask outside the home is not ideal, but at least there are so many stylish options we can have fun with while also staying safe.

DIY Chicness at Home

Just because we are all at home doesn’t mean we have to wear the same boring clothes from last! There are so many ways to dress up sweatpants and sweatshirts. Tie-dyeing clothing is a summer trend that keeps gaining momentum as more quarantined fashionistas experiment with different enticing patterns. It is such a fun quarantine activity and it feels like you bought a whole new outfit. Tie-dye is great because you can personalize your favorite shirt or hoodie with any colors you want.

Between cyan, magenta, yellow, purple, or green, the customization options are truly endless. Not only is tie-dye extremely in right now, but what better way to spend a day at home than giving your wardrobe a little bit of life! There are so many tie-dye kits available to buy online that are fun and easy to use. Shock your family by going in the living room with a brand-new DIY outfit!

Making the Most of Working from Home

Although most of us are still working from home, you’re at home office outfit doesn’t have to be boring. The quarantine hasn’t been easy on anyone. But bringing a sense of normalcy to your at-home office will make all the difference. It can be so easy for us to roll out of bed in our pajamas while heading down to our workspace. Instead of doing that, wake up early and do your full morning routine as if you were going to work! Set an alarm, get out of bed, do your hair and makeup, and put on an outfit that you have been dying to wear.

Sometimes you need to experiment with new looks through trial and error. Being stuck in quarantine for more than two months definitely messed up some of our daily routines. Regardless, you must attempt to stay on track amid all the craziness. Keep up with all the chic summer trends and make the most of the at-home office life!

Staying Positive & Stylish During the Quarantine

Self-isolation during the quarantine has not been easy by any means. But staying positive at home is the best thing everyone can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Some days you stick to a routine, some days you do not and that is okay! One thing quarantine has taught us is that getting yourself ready to sit in the living room is no crime. It makes us feel better and helps us get through the day. Try putting on a chic outfit to work from home, tie-dye an old item in your closet, and wear your cutest face mask to the grocery store! These small, yet important changes will help you achieve that summer chic look you’ve been crazing since last summer.