Summer Essentials Every Girl Needs To Keep In Her Purse

Summer Essentials Every Girl Needs To Keep In Her Purse

Summer is here, and we are kind of freaking out. Summer means beach days, pool days, and anything that has to do with being out in the sun. Is your purse stocked with supplies for the summer weather ahead? Sit back, take a sip of that ice-cold lemonade, and let us spill the tea on what you must have in your purse this summer!


Sunscreen is super important throughout the entire year, but it’s especially important during those hot summer months. Put sunscreen on before heading out to protect your skin from damaging UV rays. There are travel size sunscreens that fit perfectly in a purse without taking up too much room. When it comes to looking your best, healthy skin is absolutely paramount!


Facial Wipes

Facial wipes are another great essential to have in your purse during the summer. Let’s face it: when your face starts sweating on a hot day, your makeup will start to melt away. Having facial wipes will keep your face looking healthy, glowing, and free of sweat. Facial wipes also come in travel sizes, and are perfect to throw in your purse!

facial wipes

Facial Mist

This summer, be sure to give your face a blast of hydration and a boost of moisture with a travel-sized container of facial mist. Being out in the sun for long periods of time can be very harsh on the skin. Carrying facial mist spray in your purse can give your face that extra kick it needs to survive the day! Check out some rose water mist. It not only smells amazing, but it contains a lot of nutrients to your skin, which is a must for the summer!

facial spray

Eye Drops

Needless to say, your eyes become super sensitive when you expose them to the harsh rays of the sun. If you don’t have sunglasses with you, it’s a good idea for you to carry eye drops. Eye drops can replenish moisture lost from lying out in the sun. And girl, we know you’ll be getting your tan on this season. Eye drops are very easy to carry in your purse, and they are a must for this summer season!

eye drops


Keeping your beautiful skin safe from dryness is as important as wearing sunscreen. Keeping moisturizer in your purse is ideal for those days when you skip out on applying makeup. Apply sunscreen first and let it dry before applying moisturizer on top of it. A bottle of moisturizer comes in travel sizes, and is perfect to throw in your purse when you are on the go! Moisturizer is great for all skin types, so be sure to keep your face looking hydrated and glowy.