Summer Street Style

Summer Street Style

Street style is fashion that has evolved from the streets and not from runway shows or designers. Street style does not cover just one style of dressing, but involves a whole range of styles. Although street style around the world is influenced by the street fashion and trends of clothing worn by the youth in America, every culture has its own youth who want to make their own fashion statements. Street style is a type of fashion that is personal to you. It says something about your personality while still being trendy.


The checker print started creeping back into the world fashion last year, and it became one of the most current fashion trends. Checker print can be found on jackets, skirts, cigarette pants, overcoats and even earrings. This fashion trend has become overly popular and appealing to the fashion world. Most people cannot get enough, perhaps because of its similarity to vintage fashion. Checkers make a huge statement on their own, so if you have a pair of checker pants you own all you need is a simple blouse or t-shirt and you’re good to go.

Polka Dots

Fashion trends are cyclical, so it isn’t always hard to predict what’s next. Simple polka dots, whether on a top, dress or pants have become the focus of every outfit. Polka dots have officially made a comeback and we weren’t even expecting it.

Bold Stripes

Street style is anything but subtle and minimal this year. Bold stripes are in, and when I say bold stripes I mean thick lines with intense colors. Whether it’s on a jumpsuit, dress or pants. This trend is both loud and captivating in the streets.

Ruffle Dresses

Street style added ruffles to their dresses this summer. Ruffles are now out in full force, being the focal point of your entire outfit. Ruffles giving you a structured and dramatic look, leaving an understated feminine touch.  Ruffles from small to large, from subtle to voluminous which ever you prefer you cannot go wrong.