Swimwear Trends That Are Going To Blow Up This Summer

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Swimwear Trends That Are Going To Blow Up This Summer

It’s finally Summer and you’re on the beach drinking out of a coconut wearing one of the trendiest swimsuits of the season. The Summer weather forecast shows sunny skies and a slight breeze while the Summer swimwear forecast predicts fun one-pieces, seductive sleeves, and adorable prints. Our stylish bloggers at Fashion Style Guru are here to foretell your future summer vacation plans as well as your upcoming fashion favorites.

Unique Summer One-Piece Swimsuits

Some of us may have a love-hate relationship with one-piece swimsuits, and we don’t blame you. One-piece suits can undoubtedly be a hit or miss when it comes to sizing and design. New styles of one-pieces that we are totally fangirling over are the exposed stomach, sexy zip-ups, and contemporary one sleeves. Exposed stomachs give you the bikini look that you want without running the risk of your top untying in those wild ocean waves. Zip-ups sound like a disaster waiting to happen, but if you find a top-quality, perfectly sized suit we promise you will fall in love. Ultimately, one-sleeve swimsuits are our go-to type of suit when we want to feel comfy and chic simultaneously.

Swim With Sleeves in Summer 2020

I know what you’re probably thinking and it’s not as confusing as it sounds. Long and short sleeve swimsuits have exploded as a major summer swimwear trend over the past couple of years, and no, I’m not talking about wetsuits. We love sleeved bathing suits for countless reasons: they are adorable, totally fashion-forward, and protect those delicate shoulders from the harmful sun rays. Sleeved bathing suits have revolutionized swimwear and given us ladies many more options when it comes to summer shopping. By mimicking t-shirts and activewear, sleeved suits provide comfort, protection, and of course the fashionista flare we all strive for.

Colors And Patterns You Will See Everywhere This Summer

C’mon ladies, it’s 2020 and we should be open to trying out new swimwear colors and patterns this summer rather than the classic black bikini. You’re missing out and we’re here to fill you in. If you’ve been loyal to neutral colors all your life, start with color blocking to add a burst of color here and there and if you’re loving that, move on to simple patterns like stripes or cheetah print for that extra kick. Looking to take it up a notch? Metallics are here for the summer season and we literally could not be happier. If you’re an extra queen and want to show it off poolside during your vaca, this glowing suit was made for you.

Satisfy Your Inner Fashionista This Summer Season

With so many swimsuit styles to choose from, we hope you take the time and find the perfect one for you. Summer 2020 is quickly approaching, so get your hands on your favorite swimwear trends before they all sell out! Whichever style you decide to go with, make sure it conveys your inner fashionista while keeping that show-stopping confidence level up. Subscribe to our blogs for endless fashion inspiration, essential styling tips, and the latest news on trendy pieces.