The Best Apps for Travel Experts and Bloggers

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The Best Apps for Travel Experts and Bloggers

Uncertain about where to go? Don’t have a place to stay? Can’t read the local language and need help translating? … No problem! These are no longer problems that a tap of a button can’t solve. Apps can be useful when blogging, for not only photos but also your productivity and motivation to create new posts, ideas and more. Apps that help bloggers and travel experts to manage their time better and get more done.


Airbnb gives anyone direct access to a local in a foreign land. Beyond providing accommodations, many of the hosts on Airbnb are incredibly passionate about their city and country and will proactively share tips, recommendations and hidden gems.


TripIt is a great way of having schedules, addresses and confirmation numbers all in one place when traveling, rather than having to sift through emails to find details. Whenever you book a flight, a hotel, an event or a car service, you simply forward the confirmation to plans@tripit.com and it’ll be filed into a personalized and east-to-access itinerary.


If you’re planning a long trip and trying to figure out the spots you want to visit and how long to stay in each then Rome2Rio is the go-to app. This app helps you find the best route between them. You enter two destinations and it gives you the possibilities, from public transit to walking to taxis to driving, saving you time, money and stress by recommending the best options.


This is a great app for getting good sleep anywhere you go. Whether you’re hearing weird sounds in your hotel room or outside or it’s too noisy on the plane, or for times when it’s way too quiet. All you do is pick a setting – there’s everything from white noise and brown noise to rain and waves.


Waze is a GPS app that not only can be used at home to get around, but especially when you travel internationally. You can use it to track the cab driver to make sure you’re taking the quickest route and not getting ripped off.  Waze also has planned drives which is an option that allows you to tell the app when you need to reach your destination, and it will then alert you as to when you should leave, while taking into consideration things like expected traffic conditions, aggregated traffic history and more.


Google translate scans foreign text via a smartphone camera – on, say, a sign and displays the English translation in real time without needing to be connected to the internet. You can use it while overseas on things like menus or train stations. It will save you from ordering the wrong thing to eat or wrong turns.


If you’ve ever wondered how Instagram users plan out their perfectly put-together feeds, it’s with an app like UNUM. This is an Instagram planning app that you connect your Instagram account to and they display your feed with a blank grid spaces above it. You can upload pictures you might like to eventually post and you can drag them around, organizing how they will look in the grid once uploaded to your Instagram. This is perfect for bloggers who are always traveling and need to plan ahead.


This is an app for adding filters to your blog photos and Instagram photos. You open a photo in the app and go straight to the filters section, where they have lots of good free photo filters available. You can also go into their shop and scroll through the different filter packs which are just a few dollars.