The Best Dating App Tips for Millennials

dating app tips

The Best Dating App Tips for Millennials

I may not know all the answers to finding true love, but one thing is for sure; when looking for that special someone, dating app skills are a must. If you’re a single and have been for some time now, I’m sure have resorted to app dating and have gotten as far as the swiping through Tinder matches. But there’s more to app dating then swiping right or left, such as how to craft the perfect message or spruce up your profile in order to get that perfect match you’re hoping for. With a little practice and these few dating app tips, you’ll become a certified expert at dating online.

Choose an App that is Right for You

Prior to deciding what dating apps to join, do a little research to figure out which apps are right or you. Choosing the right app will make this online dating experience more fun. Find an app that caters to the kind of relationship you wish to have or the person you’re looking to meet.

Evaluate Reasons for Swiping on Certain People

Instead of swiping on every single person you find attractive just for the thrill of it, you should tend to swipe more selectively. Doing so, will get you better results in the online dating world. Don’t just swipe right because you think they’re attractive, there has to be more to it. Look over their complete profile and then make your decision.

Don’t Let Rejection Get to You

Don’t take rejection too personal; someone swiping left is not a reflection of you. Nobody can know or appreciate the real you by just looking at your profile. Dating apps has less to do with dating apps themselves and more to do with the fact that not every romantic interaction with a person works out. All you have to do during this process is just be patient and have fun with it – eventually you’ll find someone you mesh with.

No Small Talk

Don’t just send a message that say “Hi” because there’s not much you can say back, and you’re immediately caught in small talk. Go a little beyond that by saying something about their profile, what caught your eye, or something that you guys may have in common according to their profile. You want to send a message that gets the conversation started and keeps it going.

Always Keep It Real

Be straight up with whoever you encounter on these dating apps. Let them know from the start what you’re looking for, whether it’s a serious relationship or just a hook up. I’m sure they will appreciate it in the long run, and it will make things go more smoothly.

Be Yourself

Make sure your bio shows off your spectacular personality. If you’re weird and funny in real life, don’t be afraid to be funny and weird on dating apps, too. It makes it much easier to make a connection with the right one when you don’t hold back in showing who you actually are in real life.

Get Out There

The whole point about dating apps is to meet people so actually go on dates. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. Be the first one to ask someone out after just a few exchanges and let them get to know you. Some people get lucky on their first dates and others don’t but at least you’ll have a story to laugh with your friends about after.