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The Importance of Instagram

It’s not a surprise that Instagram is categorized as one of the most important social channels around, and any marketer not using it yet is missing out. Incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy is a must – whether you manage the social media of a big corporation, a small business, or you’re using it to promote your own personal brand. Below are some reasons why Instagram is good for your business.

  1. Over 1/3 of Instagram users have used the app to purchase a product online.
  2. Instagram’s Ad platform has access to the most advanced social media advertising targeting options available.
  3. Sales and Leads are trackable through Instagram ads so you can see clear ROI.
  4. Instagram differentiates personal profiles from business profiles.
  5. Instagram’s user base allows you to tap into an otherwise unreached customer base.
  6. Build an audience that will stay connected with your brand.
  7. Strengthen your relationship with your followers and potential customers.
  8. Learn the likes and dislikes of your customer base.
  9. Instagram is a visual platform. Visual content is essential to your marketing strategy.
  10. You can constantly use Instagram to fuel your other marketing efforts.
  11. It’s great for keeping an eye on your competitors.
  12. It’s a goldmine of useful feedback and insights.