Why We Love Tiny Purses

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Why We Love Tiny Purses

Tiny accessories continue to resurge and we feel like we’re in a time warp back to the ‘90s. If you’re a fashion lover, you probably already know how trends always make a comeback and tap into the deepest fashion memories we have. Both designers and influencers keep rocking these pocket-sized pieces and they have even spread from the runway to red-carpet events.

Yes, tiny purses are the “it” item right now and don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. But why do we love these adorable bags so much? We’ve laid out all the reasons for the tiny purse craze and how you can justify your next “tiny” splurge at the mall.

Tiny Purses Only Hold The Essentials

Let’s be honest with ourselves ladies: we’re tired of lugging around heavy and chunky bags (no matter how fabulous they look with your outfit). They get in the way of daily activities and usually fall short when we need full mobility. Although you might need a tote bag for work, give your shoulders a break this weekend by breaking out that tiny purse you have stored away. Dust it off just in time for an exciting weekend outing with girlfriends or for that dinner reservation you have planned with someone special.

Rummaging through a tote bag can be difficult and time-consuming when running errands. Don’t hold up the line at stores anymore! Your tiny purse will only fit the essentials so that everything you need on a quick trip is easily accessible. Without a big bag weighing you down, you’ll never struggle to find your wallet, phone, keys, and lipstick because there’s literally no room for anything else – a major plus in this case.

Our Favorite Celebrities Keep Rocking Tiny Purses

Trends keep popping up quicker than ever, especially in the digital age. For social media users, you’ll probably notice your favorite influencer sporting tiny purses and small-framed sunglasses. These micro accessories trickled up and appeared in runway shows during fashion week. The craze doesn’t stop there because high profile style icons, like Bella Hadid, keep sporting tiny purses and other micro accessories. When we notice our idols rocking a trend or fad, we’re most likely to follow it ourselves because who doesn’t want to look like one of our favorite trendsetters?

The most iconic instance of a tiny purse occurred on a red carpet. How can we forget Lizzo’s Valentino micro purse on the 2019 American Music Awards red carpet? This image went viral and solidified the fact that although tiny purses might not fit everything (or in her case, anything at all) we need to carry, they’re a great conversation starter and will have all your friends talking.

Tiny Purses Grant Endless Options For Everyone

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. No matter what your style is, there is a tiny purse out there for everyone. For a night out where you need your hands free, opt for a crossbody or wallet purse. You’ll be able to dance the night away while keeping your essential items close to you at all times. Running to the store or grabbing lunch with friends? A tiny shoulder bag will do the trick. An envelope-shaped shoulder bag will have you ready to go on those days where you find yourself all over the map.

Although small, these micro bags are mighty and can still make a statement. Choose a bright color or animal print pattern to bring a breath of fresh air into any outfit!

Tiny Purse, Big Possibilities

The tiny purse and micro accessory trends are showing us that’s it’s okay to embrace our ‘90s nostalgia. Bring out that purse you received from your older sister, or find a new tiny purse to add to your collection. At the end of the day, these bags might not be ideal for everyday work life, but there’s no doubt that they’re fun, versatile, and truly hit home.