The Top 5 Beauty Products Of All Time

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The Top 5 Beauty Products Of All Time

Beauty products always have a special place in our hearts. A look will never feel complete without the help of some marvelous makeup. As the fabulous Marc Jacobs once said, “beauty and makeup and colour is like the finishing touch on everything.” The best part about beauty products is they make us feel confident when we spray some perfume on our neck or curl our lashes. For decades, the beauty industry has been empowering people through products that continue to thrive. In celebration of the beauty industry and all of its glory, we want to take the time to remember the top 5 beauty products of all time and give them the round of applause that they deserve.


Perfume has the power to promote confidence, enhance our mood, and keep those bad body odors away. From Coco Chanel’s Chanel Number 5 to Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium, perfume continues to make its mark on the beauty industry and in our hearts. Although there are tons of perfumes to sift through and smell, no two scents are ever identical. We believe in changing up your perfume frequently, as you can match your scent to the season or to an exciting activity you will attend. For the brisk autumn days and cold winter months, we recommend spraying on some warm vanilla or woodsy scents to add some extra coziness to those fireside snuggles with your hubby.

When it comes to spring scents, floral scents are our go-to’s! From lavender to jasmine, floral scents are perfect for all the springtime fun. Summer is the time for you to whip out those citrus scents, as you hit the beach for some sun. However, be sure to keep your perfume light for the season to avoid extra stickiness during those summer scorchers! No matter the season, perfume proves to be the best add-on, and that is why we find it worthy as one of the top beauty products of all time.



It’s impossible to not mention lipstick when discussing the best beauty products of all time. This precious product has made women look gorgeous for as long as we can remember. Although small and compact, lipsticks are beyond powerful. Look at Kylie Jenner, who built her billion-dollar empire from selling her iconic lip kits. We’re including all lip products under this category, as glosses and liners accomplish the same thing that lipstick does: creating that perfect pout.

A lovely lip can add that extra special something to just about any look, and that is why we love it so much! Want to pay tribute to the old Hollywood actresses to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe? Try a ruby red lipstick for a classic look that will make that smile sparkle as bright as the stars. Add an extra pop to your morning makeup with a sleek nude lip as you rush out the door heading to work. Wherever you go, putting some lipstick on will make you feel confident and ready to conquer whatever lies ahead.

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We couldn’t imagine a world where we didn’t have mascara; the thought alone is enough to give us nightmares.  Whether you are a blue-eyed baby or a gorgeous green eyed-gal, mascara brings out that special sparkle and drives attention to your beautiful eyes. The best part about this makeup marvel is that it succeeds on its own. Unlike most makeup products, which require other products to enhance it, mascara can shine by itself.

For dreadful days when the thought of applying a full face of makeup is especially unpleasant, just throw on some Maybelline’s New York Great Lash Mascara and you will suddenly feel powerful and put together. Mascara is the only product we’ve been using this summer season, as harsh heat makes the thought of makeup unsettling. Mascara is definitely that one thing we can’t live without, which is why we are naming it one of the best beauty products of all time.



Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of beauty products, soap is a product we use daily. From scrubbing away all that dirt to leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft, soap does it all. Scrub away dirt and oil using Dove’s Beauty Bar, which cleanses the skin without stripping it. For your face, try the classic Clinique’s Facial Soap Bar, which will leave your skin both glowing and gentle. Aside from eliminating all those toxins on our skin, the soap also smells amazing. With millions of different scents to choose from (warm vanilla sugar and pumpkin spice are our favourites), soap trumps all other products in our beauty cabinet.



As the unsung hero of the beauty industry, moisturizer doesn’t receive enough praise. Moisturizer is the ultimate savior when it comes to reducing the risk of skin problems such as acne eczema. Not only that, but moisturizer also eliminates that dreadful dry skin and gives us a glowy finish- and we couldn’t be more thankful! With tons of moisturizers on the market today, shopping for the right one can be overwhelming, but, it doesn’t have to be a struggle! If you have dry skin, look for a cream moisturizer, which tends to have higher oil content.

If you are looking for a perfect moisturizer for your body, choose a thicker cream that will keep your skin hydrated for much longer. If you are looking for a facial moisturizer, make sure the lotion is lightweight to avoid that harsh and heavy feeling. Moisturizers deserve some recognition for their amazing abilities and we are happy to give them some!