A Guide To Thrifting & Consignment Shopping

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A Guide To Thrifting & Consignment Shopping

Secondhand clothing has been put into the forefront of everyone’s minds as climate change is taking the front seat of our environmentally friendly car. As fashion seems to be growing at a rapid pace, it might be difficult to find a happy medium between style and sustainability. Thrift shopping and consignment shops are a great option to take part in sustainability efforts and can also save you a few bucks. For those of us that haven’t been thrifting before, it can seem intimidating so we set up a fool-proof guide that will help you make the most out of your experience!

Getting Creative

Walking into a thrift store can seem daunting. Often they have multiple racks and it can be difficult navigating and knowing where to start. For our first-time thrifters, it’s always a good idea to make a checklist of specific things that you’re looking for. This way, you’ll be focused on completing your goal and avoid unnecessary impulse buys.

Going in, everyone should understand they might not be able to find their specific size right off the bat. It might take some digging or even some different thrift store locations to find exactly what you’re looking for. One of our favorite things about thrift shopping is being able to find hidden gems. We all know the feeling of finding that one piece we can’t live without. If that happens and it’s not your size, try knotting or belting the shirt or cutting and distressing the hem of the jeans. By turning something into a DIY, you’ll be creating something completely unique that no one else has!

A Clothing Treasure Hunt

Since finding that perfect item might take some time, be ready for a longer than usual shopping day. Experienced thrifters know how long it can take to sort through hundreds of garments, so make sure you clear some time on your calendar! We like to think of thrift shopping like a fashion treasure hunt because we’re always on the search for our new go-to garment. With quick and constant turnovers, you’ll always find something new to you at a thrift store!

You can find anything from a nostalgic piece to something currently trending and fashion-forward. Location also plays a big role in your quest. The closer you go to a big city, the more options you might have as highly populated areas will find themselves with better and diversified thrift stores. You never know, you might just find something new with the tag still on it!

Do Your Research

The little extra time thrift shopping takes is definitely worth the money you save and the fashion you might find. Before heading out, it’s always a good idea to plan accordingly and do your research on the best and most highly rated places to go to. Live close to a big city? Check out where your local influencers frequent and see what the hype is all about.

Thrift and consignment stores often take part in a buyback program! So even if you don’t find anything new to take home, you can always donate or sell some gently used items that no longer fit in your closet, and you might even make some of your money back! This is another great way to keep the fashion cycle going and lengthen the lifespan of your items. With some practice and patience, you’ll be glad you made your way into the second-hand clothing world – and you might even leave with a new hobby!