Tips on How to Make Your Look More Sophisticated

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Tips on How to Make Your Look More Sophisticated

Are you looking to upgrade your wardrobe by creating looks that feel smart and sophisticated? There are many ways to accomplish a sophisticated look, starting from getting to know the basics of a sophisticated style to styling the classics to working in statement pieces so your ensemble looks effortlessly put together wherever you’re going. However, my # 1 tip is to create a sophisticated look without having to change your personal style. Whether you’re going to work, an interview or simply trying a more grown-up approach, you’ll always want to give your look your own personal touch.

Why Wear One Jacket, When You Can Wear Two


A blazer goes a long way when making an outfit look more sophisticated. But have you tried wearing two jackets instead one? Try doubling up! I’d go for a long wool coat or even a trench coat to maximize your look.

Add Jewelry


Jewelry can pull an outfit together, especially if you’re aiming for a more sophisticated look. However, jewelry can make or break an outfit. Wearing too little can make you look underdressed and plain but piling it on and going over the top can draw unwanted attention. Layering is great if you’re cautious and make sure you pick one statement piece so you’re not going overboard. Always ask yourself where you’re going, what the dress code is and base your decision on what jewelry to wear off of that.

Suits with Sneakers are All the Hype

suits with sneakers

If you’re looking to go for more of a business casual approach, then I’ve got just the look. Don’t put the suit away just yet. Pair a suit with white trainers and a knit. Not only can you rock this look to the office, but it will also look amazing on the weekend.

Tonal Dressing

tonal dressing


Dressing head-to-toe in one color, can give you a chic and sophisticated look if done right. One of the simplest ways to do so is by doing it with your tailoring. Try showing as much of the shade as you can by going for lots of layers and high necks. The simplest outfit can look sophisticated when every element is the same shade. An easy approach to tonal dressing is to match your coat to your cashmere.

Tuck in Your Shirt

tucked in button up

tucked in sweater

Many people overlook tucking, even though it can totally transform a wide variety of outfits. Whether it’s your shirt or your jumper, a tucked in shirt always adds sophistication to your look. Tucking can also help you achieve a more put together look, some outfits can look messy when a particular shirt is left untucked.