Top Summer Streetwear Trends You’ll Love

2020 Summer Streetwear Trends

Top Summer Streetwear Trends You’ll Love

Trust us when we say this summer definitely didn’t start as planned. But, as the world starts to reopen, us fashionistas are ready to take over with all our new favorite summer streetwear trends. We love to play around with streetwear in the summer whether the looks are casual, edgy, or “model-off-duty.” We may have done a little too much online shopping during the quarantine, but now is finally the time to show off our new summer pieces! We can’t wait to let you in on our streetwear secrets for summer 2020.

Bandanas, But Make It Fashionable for the Streets

One of the hottest trends this summer is definitely the bandana or hair scarf style. It’s time to dig up your family’s old bandanas because this streetwear look is trendy, edgy and so fun to style. Take your classic paisley bandana and tie it around your neck, around your ponytail, or even around your head to act as a headband (which is our favorite). You can find the classic bandana for a dollar or less at your local craft store. You can even spice up this look by using a silk hair scarf. These scarves come in so many patterns, fabrics, prints, and colors, and you can find them at any online retailer. Style your colorful silk scarves with a classic pair of mom jeans, a black tee, jewelry, and some sneakers for an edgy summer streetwear look! Pair your scarf with a cropped tank, a mini skirt, and your favorite purse for a more girly look.

Transitioning Your Sweatpants into Summer

Relaxing in sweatpants all quarantine long, right ladies? Now, there actually is a way to use your sweats during the sweltering summer weather. Sweat shorts are a huge trend this season and we can see why! You can find sweat shorts at a lot of retailers like PacSun and Urban Outfitters, but if you’re feeling creative you can totally make your own. Take your old sweatpants and cut them to the length you want, and there you have your brand-new pair of sweat shorts. Sweat shorts are fun because they are so comfortable, but make such a bold statement during the summer season. Wear your favorite sweat shorts with a cropped tank, your favorite sunnies, and sneakers for a casual daytime look. Another great way to style sweat shorts is to wear them with your favorite oversized graphic tee, jewelry, and some chunky boots for an edgier streetwear style.

Rocking Monochromatic Looks All Summer Long

Another streetwear trend we adore is the monochromatic look. Styling monochromatic looks are so fun because one color is being used to create a whole outfit. Use any color you’d like, but one of our favorite colors to style a monochromatic look is white or nude. These colors scream summer and are bright, light and go with any old item you have hanging in your closet. Pair your favorite white mom jeans with a cropped tee or tank, chunky nude sneakers, and your favorite nude shoulder bag for an effortless summer outfit. We took inspiration from some of the most popular celebs like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. Monochromatic looks will be your favorite streetwear trend this summer.

Getting Creative with Summer Streetwear

Make this the summer to get out of your comfort zone with fashion! Since most of us are stuck at home, these styles are great because we probably have all these items in our household somewhere. Dig up the jeans that have been sitting in your closet for years or find the shirt that still has the tag on it and you can design a brand-new look. Putting together outfits is all about creativity, so make the most of what you’ve got in your wardrobe by turning your pieces into the trendiest summer outfit.