Trends From Your Fashion Favorites

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Trends From Your Fashion Favorites

Whether they enjoy posing on city streets, tanning on beaches, or laughing in front of artsy walls, the fashion influencers of instagram all share their new looks with the world wide web daily, and we strive to copy their styles to get that insta-worthy shot. Whether they have debuted their own clothing lines, have thousands of followers, or millions, these lovely ladies are out there and showing the rest of us how to make or break the perfect look. We at Urban Planet did some research or you, and are here with the top trends sported by your favorite influencers.

Maxi-length Coats

Sported by influencers Pernille Teisbaek, Emma Hill, Reese Blutstein. and Isabella Throsden, these long coats are perfect for staying comfy and cozy this season. Wool trench coats are perfect for winter snows and photoshoots. Rain shower coats are great for drizzles, and for posing with your umbrella. These coats are perfect for exploring a new, ancient city or  traveling across the picturesque countyside. Take a note out of Reese Blutstein’s feed and get yourself a coat with outrageous fur collar and cuffs to show your inner diva. Stay toasty, and stay insta-worthy.

All the Right Layers

Don’t be afraid to layer on those clothes, because Shini Park and Alexa Chung aren’t! All of those different colors, patterns, and textures mixing together form a chic and stylish ensemble for you to fawn over and adore. Take a sleeveless dress and add a simple but classic white t-shirt underneath to make it more casual. Tamu McPherson of All The Pretty Birds takes her plaid, loose, spaghetti strapped dress and layers it over a graphic t-shirt for something unique and bold. Take a piece of Camille Charriere’s advice and wear a blazer over a half zipped hoodie. Gala Gonzalez’s winter wool vest over a flowy blouse is simply to die for.

Jeans and A Sweater

Maja Wyh, and Jeanne Damas are ready for fall on their blogs, pairing a knit sweater with its perfect companion—jeans. Any kind of sweater will due. Sleeveless sweaters with a turtleneck go great with jeans and heels on a brisk fall day, especially when paired with a blazer. This simple combination is a simple match made in fashion heaven, so go for it!

Here Us Roar

Animal prints are running wild. Alice Zielasko makes a bold yet stunning appreance in a maxi cheetah print dress with a high slit and a low v-neck. Desert Mannequin fights the cold with a thick yet very soft-looking leopard coat. Chiara Ferragni goes for a mix, bringing together giraffe spots and lions in an eye-catching kimono. Bring some of the jungle or the African plains with these patterns, just like these fabulous influencers.

Rock Your Bodysuit

Bodysuits are back in style, and our influencers are here to prove it. Jeanne Damas shows it in a pure white ensemble and pairs it with white matching heels. Madelynn Furlong also goes white as she takes to the streets, but pairs the body suit with a black coat and matching black handbag, as well as some classy black boots. While white is currently trending, these bodysuits come in so many colors and patterns, you are bound to find something that is right for you. Keep it trendy, or start your own trend!

The influencers of instagram do just that—influence. What they are currently wearing may not be your style, but who knows? Maybe they will stumble upon that piece of the fashion world you love and it will go viral. While it is great to look up to them, don’t be afraid to be you and show your identity through your clothing. Take tips from the influencers, and then take steps to showing who the real you is. Need any ideas on how to express that? We at Urban Planet have all sorts of styles for you to try out. Check out our website at https://urban-planet.com/ today!