Trends Making a Comeback This Year

Trends Making a Comeback This Year

Looks like Spring 2019 runway shows are indicating that this year’s biggest trends are taking a cue from the past. Fashion trends that were big in the past have come back to steal the show this year. Anything from bike shorts to puffy sleeves and cargo pants to tie-dye are making a comeback. But it’s not just runways indulging these old-school styles – bloggers, editors, and influencers have already started embracing all retro-inspired trend with their own new twist, of course. Let’s take a look at the trends making a comeback this 2019.


Get groovy with tie-dye prints this year. You can go for tie-dye button up or a tie-dye slip dress over a long-sleeve for a fun winter ensemble. OR you can keep it simple with a tie-dye t-shirt paired with denim jeans. If colors aren’t your thing, you could always go for a black and white tie-dye top.



Put the heels on pause for a minute and welcome back flatforms. Wear comfy platform sandals with an all-black ensemble for a chic monochromatic look. Make a statement and style a pair of flatforms with cute socks.


Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have been a trend in 2018 and will continue to reign in 2019. Pair the multi-pocketed pants with a top-handle bag and pointed flats for a lady-like twist. Dress up your cargos by pairing them with a fitted blazer and booties. Pairing cargo pants with a sweater, especially in this cold winter weather always come a long way.

cargo pants

Swinging Fringe

Give your ensemble a more interesting look with outerwear with a fringe trim. OR add dimension to your look with a fringe turtleneck. Want to ease into the trend, try going for a fringe suede bag for a Western look. Need an elegant ensemble for a wedding or any other event? Try going for a black fringe dress.

fringe bag

Bold Shoulders

As if blazers weren’t already making a statement this year with all the bold colors and animal prints. Shoulder pads are back again! Balance out the structured shoulders with skinnies. The 80’s called, and they want their suits back. Try suiting that features prominent shoulders. Shoulder pads on dresses also give off the perfect balance of sexy and sleek.

padded shoulders

Pops of Neon

If Kim Kardashian hasn’t worn it, is it really a trend? Bright neons are trendier than ever. Wear your winter neutrals with a bold pop of neon. If you’re up for the challenge, mix and match different shades of neon. If you’re not completely in love with the trend, but still want to give it a try – go for a neon accessory. OR be bold and brighten up your day with a neon turtleneck or jacket.

neon turtleneck


Looks like animal print won’t be going out of style anytime soon, but snakeskin will be the main attraction this year. Go for a snakeskin boot which will elevate any look. Give your regular denim jeans a break and style snakeskin pants. Match your snakeskin pants or skirt with a matching snakeskin handbag.

snakeskin pants

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are my favorite trend to make a comeback. Pair them with a blazer and a turtleneck, or a cropped button up with a fanny pack for a sporty look. You can also wear then in and out of the gym.

biker shorts