Trendy, Cozy Sweaters You’ll Love All Season Long

patchwork sweater

Trendy, Cozy Sweaters You’ll Love All Season Long

“It is ever so much easier to be good if your clothes are fashionable.” ~ L.M. Montgomery

It is ever so much easier to enjoy winter when your closet is full of sweaters. Among the various reasons to get excited about winter, sweaters are high on the list. They’re soft, they feel like wearing hugs, and they make everyone look good. This year, not only does the average person love sweaters but the runway does as well. This year’s fashion week saw shows consisting of only knitwear on snow-covered runways. It’s a dream come true because women’s sweaters are in high fashion this season.

Exploring Popular Sweater Weather Trends

Sweaters in the traditional sense are on trend in a big way, but the love for knits extends to cardigans, sweater dresses, and more. This year is your time to shine if you love sweaters. It’s your time to go wild with wool.

The common colour pallet seen on the runway consisted of variants of white, cream, beige, caramel, and black. This neutral Bonus points if you can rock these colours with a Fair Isle pattern.

jacquard knit sweater

crew neck sweater

fair isle jacquard knit sweater

Sweaters were so big on the runway this year that a frequent look featured stacked knitwear. A sweater with a cardigan, knitted sets, or a sweater dress with a knitted duster are only some of the ways you can incorporate knits into your outfit rotation this season.

Mixing Other Sweater Trends Into Your Look

Because sweaters are so versatile, you can incorporate them into the other big fashion moments from the season. Whether it is through retro inspiration or the workwear trend, you’ll be able to look like you walked out of a catalog and still be comfortable.

For example, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a ‘90s or ‘90s adjacent look will never truly be out of fashion. This year saw the 30th anniversary of When Harry Met Sally. Meg Ryan’s daywear costumes from the film are still as current as they were during its airtime. To get the look, try combining these pieces for a retro feel that’s in fashion and inspired by the big screen.

patchwork sweater duster

polka dot turtleneck sweater

In the same retro-inspired neighborhood, the granny look is responsible for the popularity of cardigans this season. Any lady, regardless of age, has the potential to style and rock a beautiful cardigan. Check out this oversized long sleeve cardigan from Suzy Shier.

long sleeve cardigan

Heating Up Your Look With Snug Sweaters

This winter being warm and cozy is the hottest trend of the year. It’s a miracle! So no matter your age, body type, or budget you can achieve a runway look this season. 2019 is the year of the sweater. Go forth and be cozy.