Unrealistic Relationship Expectations That Lead People to Therapy


Unrealistic Relationship Expectations That Lead People to Therapy

Most of us long for a sense of love and acceptance, a desire to be in an enduring committed partnership with someone we love. Relationships can be tricky, whether you’re single in search of one or for couples who are stuck. We all have different needs and desires that we hope to have met, as well as have an idea about what a good relationship looks like. Yet there are some unrealistic expectations that most couples seem to have. And managing your expectations can lead to a happier life.  Reasonable expectations make it much easier to navigate the lows and enjoy the highs while pursuing whatever it is you want in life.

My Partner Should Always Know What I Need

Most people think that their partner should know when they need a hug when their down or that they should know that you’re coming exhausted from work. But that’s not the case. You have to share your needs if you expect to have them met. You might even need to reiterate a few times. The important thing is to not equate their ignorance about your needs with how they feel about you.

Compatible Couples Never Argue

Couples often believer that their relationship is failing because they argue. But bickering is totally normal. What you need to pay attention to is how you argue and how quickly you make up. The recovery time should be less than half an hour. A healthy couple is really good at apologizing and letting it go. You don’t always have to agree on everything to have a good relationship. Sometimes we just have to accept that we are different and have different personalities.

Couples Should Spend All Their Time Together

Couples should enjoy spending time together, but that doesn’t mean to have to be glued to the hip every chance they get. A healthy relationship also consists of you have having your own interests and friends and even spend time alone.

Good Relationships Don’t Need Work

Doing anything in life takes work. Relationships are probably the most complicated thing that we do in life so they’re also going to take the most work. If you’re with the right person, they’re will be a sense of ease in the relationship. But that doesn’t mean it will always be easy.

The Right Partner Should Meet All My Needs

The expectation where individuals think that their partner should fulfill all of their intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs all the time can affect long-term relationships. Instead you should focus on the big things? Is your partner respectful? Is your partner honest and faithful to you? Do they make you feel safe? If you’re with them and you feel secure in your life and yourself, then you’re with the right person. That’s all that should matter.

In Order for a Relationships to Survive It Must Remain the Same

All relationships must grow and adjust over time in order to be both sustainable and healthy. As we age and mature, so should our romantic relationships. By holding onto the belief that our relationships must remain the same without adapting to time, sickness, financial issues, partner changes, and other demands, we run the risk of an unhealthy relationship.