Vacation Fashion Essentials

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Vacation Fashion Essentials

Planning a vacation is always an exciting time. With such hectic schedules, we can all agree that we’ll welcome some time off with open arms. As thrilled we may be to be out of the office, we understand that traveling is essentially synonymous with packing. With limited space in a standard suitcase and that feeling of procrastination we all go through, we will most likely find ourselves throwing random pieces in our suitcase at the last minute – something we’ll regret when we open it back up post airport or car trip. To ease your pre-vacation worries, we’ve put together some ideas to make sure your packing goes smoothly and you’re ready for any activity that comes your way.

Pack The Basics – You’ll Thank Yourself Later

Although you might have an itinerary set and a clear idea of the fun and bold outfits you want to wear, it’s always a good idea to pack the basics. Leaving the comfort of your closet can be anxiety-inducing because we don’t know what we are going to be feeling like wearing next Tuesday at the museum. For these cases, always pack your favorite denim and stick to neutral-toned pieces that you can easily mix and match, making your suitcase much lighter for travel.

Let’s face it, we need to be ready for any last-minute changes that can come up during our vacation. To make living out of a suitcase easier, color blocking, one of our favorite fashion trends, is travel-friendly. Color blocking with neutral-toned cargo pants and t-shirt will have you out the door in minutes and ready for whatever is coming your way that day. You can easily dress up this look with just the change of your shoes – taking the thought out of a nighttime look!

Have a busy day of outdoor sight-seeing ahead of you? You can’t go wrong with a simple athleisure look that you can also wear to the airport.

Simple Accessories – Your Suitcase’s Friend

Packing accessories can be the trickiest part of getting your suitcase ready. We don’t want to lose or leave anything behind, so maybe opt for packing your second favorite necklace or pair of earrings. To keep things light, throw your standard everyday jewelry that you can wear with each look in your suitcase – this will help you keep track of everything in the long run. If you’re sticking to a neutral color toned palette for clothing, packing a bold and chunky set of earrings can amplify your day and night look – all in a matter of seconds.

Looking to be completely hands-free during your trip? Your best handbag option is a tiny purse! An easy crossbody wallet purse or zip shoulder bag will have you focused on living in the moment and not worrying about your bag. You’ll be keeping up with the trends and leaving some extra room in your suitcase.

Wrinkle Free & Stress-Free

Whether you’re going far away from home or just going away for the weekend, there’s no escaping the wrinkles that may come as a result of everything getting tossed around during travel. Trying to save space in your suitcase? You might be rolling your clothes to keep everything compact. Although this saves some room, your cotton t-shirts might not come out looking freshly ironed. If possible, try to pack pieces made of synthetic material that are usually more wrinkle-resistant than natural-based fibers.

Can’t live without your favorite cotton and linen t-shirt? We completely understand. When packing those items, it’s worth looking into ironing services at hotels or finding a wrinkle eliminating spray at the drug store so you can always be on point throughout your stay.

Vacation-Ready Outfits

Being a suitcase-fashionista can be challenging – but as always, we refuse to give up style. For us on-the-go ladies, we always need something quick and easy for those days we’re all over the map – literally. Following this guide will make packing quick and painless so you can travel with ease and focus on that much-needed rest and relaxation!