Vacation Packing Tips For Your Little Girl


Vacation Packing Tips For Your Little Girl

No one is more excited for a vacation than your little girl! After sitting in school all year and playing with her same-old toys, she is ready for an adventure. With your plane tickets booked and your hotel reserved, it’s time to sit down and pack for your child. Deciding which stylish and comfortable clothes to bring doesn’t have to be a chore. Have some fun with these vacation packing tips and ideas!

Sandals That Sparkle

metallic rhinestone sandal

Your girl is going to be exploring and running around all day, so make sure her tiny feet are comfortable and cute. This pair of well-fitted, rhinestone-covered sandals will go a long way for your child on vacation. Let your little girl walk around the resort in breathable shoes that let her explore her girly side. These sporty and sparkly slides will complete your daughter’s beach look and protect her feet from the hot sand. Needless to say, your daughter will love wearing comfortable and stylish shoes as she plays!

A Headband With Added Flare

cat ear headband

Don’t forget to bring hair accessories to keep your girl’s hair out of her face! Headbands with animal ears are a fun excuse for your daughter to flaunt her style and can make every day feel like Halloween. The rhinestone beading and heart-shaped cat ears make this perfect buy for any girly-girl who loves playing dress up. It’s a playful change from typical accessories that will have her wanting you to pick out all of her outfits from now on.

A Tank Top Fit For A Princess

graphic tank

Make your daughter’s transition from the hotel to the beach a fun one by throwing this adorable tank top over her bathing suit. The added protection from the sun is a plus and anything involving unicorns is an obvious yes when it comes to your little girl. Her beach ensemble will have her feeling one-of-a-kind paired with her favourite pair of shorts. This fun halter-top will look sweet and sassy on her as she struts around the resort!

A Colourful Bikini For All Her Underwater Adventures

bikini set

The first order of business for your toddler on vacation will be to jump into the nearest body of water, so packing a swimsuit is a must. Ruffle bikinis are on trend in the tiny toy’s fashion world, and your daughter will be able to comfortable splash around in this one. The bright pink colour and added accents will fit perfectly in whatever tropical destination or poolside resort you choose. The added bonus of no needless straps that would undoubtedly need constant retying makes this an awesome choice for any child that loves to run around in the sun. Your little girl is going to love the metallic details and be ready to show off her inner mermaid!

 A Multi-Coloured Romper Perfect For Travel

ruffle romper

Keep your daughter comfortable and cool by dressing her in an airy romper. Save room in your suitcase by having a complete outfit in just one piece of clothing No worries about matching tops and bottoms leaves more room to relax and enjoy your vacation. Your girl can showcase the spirit of summer in a pretty tie-dye print romper.

 A Pair of Onesie Pajamas


When on vacation, you want things to be as stress-free as possible. After a day of sun, swim and excitement, she will definitely be tired these fairytale-like orange onesie pajamas are easy to quickly slip on. She’ll feel comfortable and warm during cool nights in your hotel room and love the chance to play pretend in this imaginative cat and unicorn ensemble. This onesie is an easy way to make bedtime stress free for you while adding an element of fun to the dreaded bedtime for your child.