Ways To Make Your Outfit More Sophisticated

Ways To Make Your Outfit More Sophisticated

From dinner dates with your boo to taking over your office’s boardroom meeting, a sophisticated style is a must. Sophisticated style has a reputation for being boring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We understand the struggle of sifting through racks of business clothing as one grey dress after the other and dull colours and plain silhouettes fail to get you excited about your fashion finds. That is why we created a list of our favourite sophisticated staples that don’t compromise your fun style.

Jacquard Knit Blazer + Long Sleeve Tartan Blazer + Collarless Woven Blazer 

When you think of sophisticated style, a basic black blazer is the first item that pops into most people’s minds. We are looking to stray far away from that basic old black blazer that sadly hangs at the back of your closet, and welcome some fabulous and fun ones that will make a statement. From bright and bold red to a pretty plaid, these women’s blazers are a closet must-have!

jacquard knit blazer

collarless woven blazer

Straight Woven Bouclé Skirt + Reptile Print Short Skirt + Printed-Chiffon-Skirt-With-Pleats

Skirts take the cake when it comes to classy fashion picks. Long in length and fabulously fashionable, skirts have the ability to make any outfit more sophisticated. However, we’re getting tired of the same old boring black pencil skirts we’ve sported on every job interview to date. So, we’ve found some perfectly printed skirts that give more life to an ensemble, but still maintain elegance and sophistication.

straight woven skirt

reptile print skirt

printed chiffon skirt

Windowpane Sheath Dress + Striped Shirt and Skirt One Piece + Rib Knit Mock Neck Elbow Sleeve Dress

Fashionistas everywhere will sing praises about dresses, as this piece is both easy and stylish. Running late for a meeting? Hurrying to meet your friend for some after-work cocktails? Simple! Just throw on a dress and you suddenly look presentable and put together Check out some of our favourite women’s dresses perfect for making the ultimate sophisticated splash.

striped shirt and skirt one piece

windowpane sheath dress

rib knit dress

Sleeveless Wide Leg Jumpsuit + Self-Sash Pleated Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are another easy fashionable staple everyone needs. Like dresses they are a one-piece instant outfit that will make you look polished no matter what. If the temperatures are colder or rocking a dress just isn’t your thing, a jumpsuit is a fabulous sophisticated swap. Jumpsuits are so versatile; you can wear them just about anywhere! Styled with a bold blazer for the ultimate girl-boss ensemble, or paired with a powerful pair of pumps for a night out with the girls, jumpsuits can do it all.

pleated wide leg jumpsuit

A Little Sophistication Goes A Long Way

Sophisticated style does not have to mean boring fashion that washes away any trace of your personality. Toss aside those plain cardigans and shapeless dresses, and delve into the world of bold blazers,printed skirts, fun dresses and gorgeous jumpsuits that will be sure to turn heads. We hope you got some classy style inspo, and we can’t wait to see you rock all your elegant ensembles!