Ways to Rock a Fanny Pack This Summer

Ways to Rock a Fanny Pack This Summer

Heading to an outdoor festival? Ready to enjoy a fun-filled day in the city? Maybe you’re on your way to evening gathering with friends? Regardless of where you’re off too, you may want to reconsider adding a fanny pack to your ensemble. We know what you’re thinking—fanny packs are great if you’re a Mom or Dad on vacation, but not for a fashion-forward fashionista, right? Wrong! Fanny packs are all the rage this summer.

Routines can become dry and boring, so try changing up your accessories this season. Swap out your everyday bag and in favor of a fanny pack to keep your hands free all day and night. Forget what you’ve heard about these adorable accessories; fanny packs can add personality and style transforming your outfit into a statement piece. Don’t believe us? Well then check out these stylish summer fanny packs.

Quilted Chain Fanny Pack

For an evening event, the quilted chain fanny pack adds a nice pop of colour to a black dress. This fanny pack is a great way to add both style and convenience to your night out, allowing you to keep your belongings with you at all times! Trying pairing with black jeans, a crop top, and booties for a chic urban look!

Oversized Fanny Pack

Summer comes packed with outdoor festivals and events, as well as other Instagram-worthy day events. Why not spice up your classic jeans and a crop top with an oversized fanny pack?

oversized fanny pack

This fanny pack is large enough to hold all the items you need for a long day out in the heat. The trendy checkered pattern will certainly get you all the likes your photo needs to stand out from the enormous crowd.

Circle Ring Faux Leather Fanny Pack

The circle ring faux leather fanny pack is perfect for the working girl on the move. This simplistic fanny pack can easily go with any outfit and is large enough to hold anything you desire.

Festival Printed Pack With Cup Holder

The festival printed pack with cup holder comes in a plethora of dazzling colours ranging from tie-dye to purple with donuts and a tropical pink with palm trees. Pair this piece with an oversized t-shirt, and your favourite white sneakers and make the fanny pack the statement of your entire outfit. This fanny pack will surely capture everyone’s attention!

Embracing The Fanny Pack Lifestyle

Adding a fanny pack to your wardrobe is an easy way to carry everything you need with you while looking fabulous. Fanny packs are a great way to add personality! Show off your big personality by heading over to Urban Planet’s website to check out all the fanny packs they have to offer perfectly suited for every aspect of your lifestyle.