Wearing Your Denim Jacket All Summer Long

denim jacket

Wearing Your Denim Jacket All Summer Long

Edgy, hipster, feminine – a denim jacket can elevate any look to fit your personal style. So who’s to stay you have to ditch your favourite outerwear piece when spring turns into summer? With so many different versions available – from distressed to frayed, cropped to oversized – you can pretty much rock a denim jacket at any celebration this summer (assuming you’re not attending A-list celebrity parties and black-tie dinners). Red carpets aside, here are a few simple ways you can turn this single piece into your go-to summer staple.

Amp Up Your Sundress

When the forecast calls for sunny skies, a sundress seems like a no-brainer. Well, at least until you realize that the AC at your favourite restaurant is working overtime and you have to shiver through your meal. An oversized denim jacket is an answer to your prayers that will keep you warm without ruining your carefully curated outfit. It can go well with virtually any colour or print and have you looking fabulous at your next summer brunch or barbecue.

denim jacket

Try Denim on Denim

Channel your inner ‘90s kid with a look inspired by Britney and Justin’s classic 2001 AMA look. A light wash distressed jacket paired with darker wash denim shorts or jeans grants you instant style. So long as you’re pairing different washes, denim on denim is not only trendy but also flattering. Give this look a test run at the next outdoor concert.

light wash denim jacket

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Don’t Limit Yourself to Blue

Experiment with colours and patterns to find different ways to incorporate a denim jacket into your summer wardrobe. A black-cropped version is perfect for a night out in the city. Alternatively, you can swap this piece out for something a little bit more exciting like leopard-printed denim. Don’t forget to match with black pants and some open-toed sandals for an edgy and bold look that’ll keep you feeling warm once the sun goes down.

cropped denim jacket

leopard denim jacket

Make Dressing Down Easier

You’re probably itching to break out that fancy new dress, but you never seem to have an event that requires such an elegant look. A longline denim jacket is an easy fix that makes an upscale outfit work for any activity you have in mind. You no longer have to fear being overdressed. To keep things classy, add a pair of heels to keep you from feeling like you’ve gone too casual.

longline denim jacket

Your denim jacket is easily the most versatile piece of clothing in your closet with endless opportunities to include it in your daily outfit. It’s safe to say by pairing it with new accessories and clothes; you could get away with wearing your same denim jacket the entire season without anyone noticing. Try out these tips to see how your summer street style can be taken to another level.