What to Wear During a Heat Wave


What to Wear During a Heat Wave

There’s nothing a summer hot spell to throw a fashionista in complete disarray. We love summer, but we absolutely loathe heat waves. At least we have the ability to layer up during the frigid winter, but what’s a girl to do during sweltering heat waves? Realistically, we have one of two options: we can either continue to sweat and melt in our favorite outfits, or we’ll have to give up style by going back to outfit basics. Don’t worry because we have some outfit suggestions that’ll keep you looking savvy during the next summer heat wave.

A Loose-Fitting Dress

maxi dress

Beware of tight-fitting outfits. The fabrics will stick to your skin, leaving an unattractive sweat stain. Talk about gross and embarrassing. But wearing loose-fitting outfit pieces will help your body breathe and feel the cool air from your air conditioning.

Tube Tops/Crop Tops

tube top

Being able to show a little bit of skin during the summer can help cool you off, and let your confidence skyrocket during the summer months. Make sure you have tube tops and crop tops in an assortment of bright colours on hand when the temperatures surge.

High-Rise Shorts

high rise short

Wearing loose fitting shorts can help you beat the heat. Personally, we’re big fans of high-rise shorts because they flatter all body types. If you haven’t already, pick up a pair of these affordable bottoms for a savvy style during and after an intense heat wave.

Loose-Fitting Pants

palazzo pants

With loose-fitting pants, heat waves will feel much less of heat waves since you don’t have to worry about your bottoms sticking to your legs with sweat.

A Short Sleeveless Sundress

sleeveless dress

Getting the chance to show a little more skin is one of the best parts of summer, and this flirty sundress gives you the perfect opportunity.