Items Of Clothing Every Woman Should Own

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Items Of Clothing Every Woman Should Own

In the world of minimalism and capsule wardrobes, you’ll notice that certain pieces appear frequently among fashion-forward ladies. In laymen’s terms, there are pieces that every woman simply needs to have in her wardrobe. From the basic black to the simple white t-shirt, this list is a comprehensive collection of all the items that will make a closet complete.

Back To Black Basics

To start, there are a couple of black pieces that are essential to even the most colourful wardrobes.

The Little Black Dress

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the mother of all things sophisticated and comfortable, would be happy to know that 100 years later and her little black dress is the staple to end all staples. It is the single item at the top of every list on the Internet. You could take over the world and still look good for drinks with work friends after in a black dress.

The hardest part of your quest to find a little black dress will be finding the one that is right for you. It’s a lot of trial and error but once you find one that makes you feel confident you’ll never be in a situation that leaves you with “nothing to wear”

Black Pumps

This underrated simple black pump is another item that will make any look a polished and sophisticated outfit. In the same vein as the little black dress, finding the right pair for you will be something that takes a bit of work. Whether the toe is pointed or round, the finish is patent leather or crushed velvet, or you choose to rock a pair with embroidered pink roses on them, the choice is yours.

You need a look and height that is right for you. Any tall girl can a test to the engineering malfunctions that come with wearing heels that are much too high. Cue the sway and baby deer walking.


Especially this season it is incredibly important to find a blazer. The basic black blazer will never let you down, but because of this season’s workwear trend, feel free to invest in more than one blazer. H

The French Staples

While we take baby steps into the world of colour we turn to the French for help. The leaders in minimalistic, sophisticated style, the French are the best people to turn to when looking for basics.

Cigarette Pants

Think Audrey Hepburn singing “Bonjour Paris!” alongside Fred Astaire in Funny Face. These are the types of pants that you want to keep on your radar. They have all the comfort of leggings, but the sophistication of dress pants. The slightly cropped length will make showing off shoes and wearing booties infinitely easier. You can go for basic black here, or opt for the trendy white and black gingham that is not going anywhere any time soon.

The White & Black Striped T-Shirt

First popularized by the French Navy the white striped t-shirt is a basic that is not going out of style any time soon and will be the best-patterned item to invest in. You can opt for long-sleeved or short-sleeved depending upon your preference but it will be the best thing to make an outfit interesting.


The stereotypical French look requires a red silk scarf. While this may seem cartoony, the silk scarf is going to be a staple for any outfit. The pattern choice is again completely up to your preference, but this staple accessory is going to go beyond simply keeping your neck warm.

A silk scarf is going to double as a hair ribbon and headband, and may also make an appearance on the handle of a handbag to dress up a look.


Winter warrants hats galore and no other hat will warm you up and polish off a look quite like a beret. The classic red packs a colourful punch, but berets come in a myriad of colours.

You can match a beret to a coat or go for a pop of colour that compliments your colouring. For example, a camel beret with a classic trench pair nicely. Or maybe you can try a shock of dark green on brown hair.

What Would Audrey Do?

We’ve already mentioned the great actress herself, and it sounds cliche but when it comes to looking for basics, Audrey Hepburn pretty much has you covered. The items that she’s made iconic are items that are as timeless as she is.

The Trench Coat

We saw the classic trench coat all over the runway this year, and while you don’t have to go with Burberry like Holly Golightly, a good trench coat is something worth the investment.

A White Button-Down Shirt

In her film debut, Roman Holiday, Ms. Audrey sported a white button-down for most of the film. We don’t claim to know that the look won her the Oscar that year but we do know that a classic white button-down is something every woman must own whether she’s on her way to the office or running around the city of Rome with a handsome journalist.

Line Your Closet With Essential Fashion Pieces

Whether you’re hunting for a fierce black dress or a classic white button-down, the key is to find outfit pieces that work for you and align with your unique style. Basics are the pieces in every wardrobe that are well worth the money for quality and personal tailoring. They are the foundation that you can build an outfit on and make you feel like you were just pulled off the pages of a fashion magazine.