Work Outfits You’ll Love From Suzy Shier


Work Outfits You’ll Love From Suzy Shier

Attention, attention, calling all girl bosses out there! It’s time to amp up that 9-5 style for the new season ahead of us! Suzy Shier has business casual clothing written all over it. Whether you are getting ready to take on a day full of meetings or running errands for your boss across town, Suzy Shier has amazing styles to empower women on their busy workdays! Sit back, grab your coffee and get ready to scroll through an endless amount of chic and stylish business clothes.

Go Out In A Blazer of Glory

Suzy Shier wants you to look polished and sophisticated without breaking the bank. What better way to achieve this look than wearing a well-tailored blazer?

printed blazer

A blazer can take any work outfit from drab to fab in seconds.

If you are looking for a casual blazer to add a touch of chic opt for Suzy’s soft unlined blazer.

unlined blazer

This blazer still gives off that polished look without being too overbearing. The soft unlined blazer comes in three colours, camouflage, pearl, and black that can match plenty of clothing in your current wardrobe.

Another blazer that really has been catching a lot of buzz is this sleeveless double-breasted linen vest.

linen vest

This blazer is ideal for the spring and summer time when the weather is just too overpowering. This blazer is still professional while giving you that trendy chic look you are going for. Suzy Shier offers this look in an off grey colour. This sleeveless blazer is perfect to pair with dresses and skirts.

Look Professional & Pretty In Palazzo Pants

Are you looking to purchase new work pants? Suzy Shier carries a variety of Palazzo pants ideal for women of all body types. Palazzo pants are trendy yet quite comfy. It’s almost like you’re in your pajamas. Palazzo pants lengthen the feminine silhouette and are ideal for the workplace.

palazzo pants

striped palazzo pants

woven pull-on pants

Suzy Shier offers Palazzo pants in a wide variety of different styles from floral, stripped, to a solid black. Pair these pants with a neutral cream colour such as beige or an off pink.

Fulfill Your Dress-tiny In These Work Dresses

Are you looking for a fierce elegant look? The dresses at Suzy Shier are an excellent choice for that office chic look. Suzy Shier offers an amazing selection of dresses from comfortable eye-catching maxi dresses to stunning sleeveless dresses.

striped sleeveless shirt

sash dress

crossover wrap dress

These office-ready dresses are great to wear when you have an event straight after work. Have dinner plans with your girlfriends? Have a movie date with the hubby? Suzy’s dresses are so versatile that you can wear them to work and to your activities after! Double bonus! Stay stylish both in the office and out!

You Betta Work! Shop Suzy Shier’s Endless Selection Of Workwear

Suzy Shier is the right place for all women! With over 120 locations from British Columbia to Newfoundland, explore and shop Suzy Shier new work collection today!