Your Winter Fashion Wish List

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Your Winter Fashion Wish List

The holiday season is here and that can only mean one thing: PRESENTS, PRESENTS, AND MORE PRESENTS! There are a million things that you can put on your wish list these holidays, but what about a winter fashion wish list? There are a bunch of different winter fashion styles that cause heads to instantly turn. Read below to see what are the must-have fashion items this winter.

Oversized Bags Are Taking Over

Small bags are a thing of the past. Oversized bags are hotter than ever and with good reason. Oversized bags are much roomier than smaller bags. It’s annoying trying to fit something in a tiny small bag when you are in a rush. With an oversized bag at your side, you can fit your entire life in it basically. Oversized bags are great for the girl on the go. This winter, don’t forget to ask for an oversized bag to complement all of your chic winter outfits.

belted tote bag

shoulder bag

Stay Warm with a Puffer Jacket

If you live somewhere chilly, then a puffer jacket is an absolute must-have. Puffer jackets come in various different styles and grew in popularity this year. With stars like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande rocking puffer jackets on the daily, this trend was almost inevitable. You can get a long puffer jacket if you are on the taller side or you can get a short puffer jacket if you are on the shorter side. Puffer jackets also come in a whole bunch of different colors, from neon to dark.

puffer jacket

black puffer jacket

The Popular Kitten Heel

If you haven’t heard of kitten heel shoes then you’re in for a nice treat. Kitten heel shoes have become one of the “it” shoes of the season. Kitten heel shoes are a type of heel that curves. The kitten heel typically tends to be around an inch or two in height. Kitten heels are great for casual events such as work or for a much more elegant event such as a gala. They are not only chic but they are super-comfortable, which is not something you typically say about a heel.

kitten heel bootie

Stylish Trendy Scarfs

A warm, trendy scarf is an essential accessory to have during the winter season. A great thing about scarfs is that they are so versatile they can be worn in various different ways. You can go the traditional way and wrap the scarf around your neck to give you that extra warmth when you are facing those cold winter days. If you want to give your outfit a little more of an edgy look take your scarf and make it into a head wrap, this can easily help with those bad hair days. Asking for a scarf this winter season is a must.

knit plaid scarf

knit scarf

What to Ask on Your Winter Fashion List

There are so many must-have fashion items out there this season. On your winter wish list, you should add versatile items that you can wear with multiple styles of clothing that you already own, as well as something you can also wear during the fall and spring weather. Whether it’s a stylish scarf or cute kitten heels, there are tons of fashion items to add to your winter fashion wish list this year!