A Guide To Wearing Leather Pants

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A Guide To Wearing Leather Pants

Leather pants have been around for a while and you’ve probably seen pictures of your mom and aunts wearing them back in the day. When done right, leather pants look super chic and fashion-forward – but why do these seem to always get a bad rap? This uneasy feeling we have towards leather pants might stem from our favorite old TV shows or simply because we don’t know how to style them. We’ve put together some easy styling tips so you can avoid a Ross from Friends leather pant mishap.

Don’t Get Stuck: Mentally & Physically

As fashionistas, I think we can all agree that literally getting stuck in an outfit is the worst feeling. Let’s be honest with ourselves. We’ve all tried to squeeze into something that might have been a few sizes too small. Although there’s no shame here, because it’s essentially a rite of passage for every fashionista, fashion is currently working in our favor when it comes to silhouettes. Taking a look back, fall fashion week was littered with loose-fitting garments, especially trousers, and we couldn’t be happier that super tight bottoms are on the back burner.

Leather trends hold the longest lead time in the fashion industry and we just cannot get enough of these wide-leg leather pants we’re seeing off the runways. Taking a wide leg approach when it comes to trousers can seem daunting, but no need to put yourself in a fashion block. Straight legged and cropped leather pants are perfect to pair with a sleek turtleneck or buttoned white shirt. These pants do all the work for you, so there’s no need to stress over what top to wear.

All Black Everything? Say Less

Who said leather needs to be worn only in black and deep tones? Okay maybe the fashion retailers we frequent have said so, but say no more! If you’re looking at changing the way you work leather pants into your wardrobe, the current fashion trends we’ve been seeing since fall aren’t going anywhere soon. When picking out leather pants, look for olive green and brown-based tones. These colors are sure to make a difference when you’re putting together your outfit.

Neutral colors are sure to elevate your look, but for a night out, snakeskin printed leather pants are going to be your new statement look. This print in a high waisted and flair-legged style will leave you looking like you just stepped off the chicest of all runways. And don’t worry, vegan and faux leather is always an option.

You’ve Worn It, Now Reverse It

We can speak for our fashionistas when we say that wearing our favorite leather jacket over our ride or die jeans is a classic and easy outfit that has yet to fail us. Now, since we all know we can work it in a leather jacket and jeans, think about flipping it and maybe even reversing it.

Once you’ve identified your favorite cut and style of leather pants, there’s no wrong way to style it with something denim on top. For a street-ready look, whip out your trusted denim jacket and layer it on top of a printed or striped tee. For added edge, choose a distressed jacket and grungy accessories. For a more polished approach to this flipped look, look for a buttoned denim shirt with a collar and accessorize it with bold mule shoes.

If denim tops and outerwear isn’t your cup of tea, top off your leather pants look with a long camel-toned trench coat that is sure to hint on some throwback vibes.

Loving Leather Pants

So maybe you’re still not fully convinced that you can rock leather pants, but this is just one of those trends that you can’t knock until you try. There’s one thing we know for certain, once you put on those pants, you’re going to feel unstoppable and like you finally have everything together. Give those wide-leg leather pants a shot, you won’t get stuck in them and hey, you might just love them.