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Fashion & Style Guide for Moms

Family life can get pretty hectic with mom playing all the roles she does in a day, but no matter how wonderful and crazy it all is, every mom could use a few tips on keeping everything together, especially style-wise. We, mothers put so much time and energy into our kids that time for ourselves is often that last minute before running out the door when we slide into our dress pants and pumps so we can head to the office after dropping off the kids at school or the bus stop. Just because you’re doing school drop off, your full-time job, and then playground duty doesn’t mean you don’t want to look great, right? Great style is very unique and personal, and it is hard to connect to that if you follow looks straight off the catwalk or from a designer lookbook. Experiment and have fun by interpreting things in your own way.

Know your style. What was your style pre-kids? What did you love wearing? What made you feel dead-sexy? And why aren’t you wearing those things anymore? As moms we need to remember how to take time for ourselves. When I go shopping, I have two things in mind: comfort and utility. I love finding affordable women’s clothing that is flattering to my body type and has me looking my best at all times.

As working women, we don’t have much time to stand in front of the mirror trying on a million outfits till we get it right. Also, if you’re a new mom or a mom-to-be, there’s a good chance your body is changing constantly, and getting dressed in a hurry can be frustrating. That is why FSG Mom is here to fill you in on affordable fashion and style tips. Empowering moms to be daring and confident in pursuing a fulfilling and fashionable life. Women shouldn’t be afraid to challenge new trends and explore ways to make fashion fun and wearable for every occasion.