Spring Makeup Trends You Have To Try

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Spring Makeup Trends You Have To Try

Spring is slowly sprouting and we cannot be happier about it! We’ve had enough of the cold weather, constantly having to bundle up in our warmest jackets and thickest socks. Not anymore because the sun is coming out of hibernation. Ladies, while you’ve been gone you missed out on the hottest brewing makeup trends, but don’t fear because we’re here to fill you in. Get ready for the trendiest Spring makeup looks of all time. The bloggers at Fashion Style Guru have been keeping track and are ecstatic to let you know what you missed since you’ve been gone, read on!

Colorful Undereyes For The New Spring Season

We’re officially saying goodbye to the snow and saying hello to the warm sun! One of our favorite upcoming Spring makeup trends has to be colorful undereyes. Not to say that we’re over eyelid shadow, but we’ve evolved. Popping in a fun color on your lower lashline for your natural no-makeup makeup look is a genius way to spice up your look. It’s not too distracting or out of the comfort zone for most. Start with neutral colors like browns and pinks and then move on to more vibrant colors like purples and blues. Trust us, we know you will love it!

Turn Heads With White Eyeliner

Are you an experimental MUA in the making? Try out this trend because we can bet you haven’t tackled it before. White eyeliner is all the craze for the approaching Spring season and we aren’t mad about it. It’s something new that we haven’t really seen before. Line your eyes with an opaque white liner and finish it with a sharp wing for the full effect. Pro MUA tip: trace your waterline with white liner to make your gorgeous eyes appear larger! The versatility of white makeup is amazing for adventurous ladies who like to step outside of the box with their looks. Be the judge and give it a try yourself for the Spring!

Blush Up This Spring Like A Goddess

Let’s take a break from the eyes and give our face some love. Blush is a Spring essential for some of us ladies while it seems to be an afterthought for others. Makeup artists and influencers are going mad over this latest blush trend. Apply blush like you normally would, except pull it up through your temples and don’t be afraid to sweep it across your nose as well. Girls are falling in love with this doll-like makeup trend and we’re beginning to see it everywhere. Don’t forget that you have many options when it comes to blush shades. Choose from brown copper tones to baby pink mauve shades. There is something for everyone so join this Spring trend before it becomes mainstream!

What Are You Waiting For? Hop On This Spring Trend!

Who doesn’t love playing around with makeup once in a while? Makeup is a form of fashion and we love it because it is a way for people to express themselves through art. Enhance your inner and outer beauty this Spring season with a few flicks of a brush and a colorful palette and wash it off at the end of the night. It’s such a simple concept meant for fun and games. Don’t be afraid to play around with makeup, whether you’re an expert or if it’s your first time. Subscribe to the Fashion Style Guru blog and get word on the latest makeup, hair, and fashion trends for this upcoming Spring season!