Complete Your Summer Look With These Accessories

Complete Your Summer Look With These Accessories

Summer is a time to get outside, feel the sun on your skin, and turn heads with some effortless chicness. It is imperative to fill your wardrobe accordingly. It is just as important that you deck yourself out in accessories that add a pop of colour and some accented gorgeousness to everything you wear.  There are so many accessories to choose from, so where exactly should you start? We’ve compiled a list of summer must-haves below that will have you looking gorgeous everywhere you go.

Woven Straw Fanny Pack

straw fanny pack

Whether you call it a fanny pack, bum bag, or belt bag, this trend is featured in every streetwear line you can name. You’ll need something for all of those smaller accessories that you are planning on taking to the beach, so why not buy yourself a fanny pack for all your light packing needs? A fanny pack is perfect to keep your sunglasses, light snacks, and jewelry when you plan on taking a swim. This piece allows you to combine practical design with an urban street style to create a truly unforgettable look.

Metallic Floral Scarf


Who would think to rock a scarf in the middle of the summer? Um… we would, obviously, and we strongly advise that you do the same. During the cooler summer days, a thin scarf with lightweight fabric is the perfect addition to any outfit. When the temp drops at the end of a long tiring beach day, you’ll be grateful for this adorable, affordable, and durable throw over.

Straw Boater Hat

straw boater hat

While you’re relaxing on the beach, you’re going to need a hat to protect you from the sun. A straw boater hat lets you kick your OOTD up a notch. Why not give these a try? Featuring an adorable bow ribbon, we give this cute summer must-have two thumbs up!

Nylon Mini Backpack

mini backpack

Fanny packs are great for sunglasses, your wallet, or a disposable camera. But for larger items like water bottles, bagged lunches, and sunscreen, you’ll need a larger bag that still looks cute. A mini backpack is the perfect accessory for your summer hiking trips or sunny picnics. Who knew being the responsible friend could look so fierce?

Classic Circle Sunglasses

mini backpack

Not only are these classic sunglasses perfect for sunny summer days, but there are also very few (if any) summertime fashions that they don’t compliment and improve. They’ll protect your eyes from harsh glare, make everything you wear look even cuter, and provide a pop of colour for every occasion. These classics are a must-have this season!

Mermaid Hair Baseball Cap

baseball hat

When a hard breeze comes through and starts blowing your hair around on the beach, you’re going to want a hat that compliments your swimwear and keeps your look in order. But this Mermaid Hair Baseball Cap from Urban Planet is perfect for a host of summer activities. Whether you want to walk around town, take a jog around the lake, or sunbathe in the park, this adorable accessory will keep your outfit looking accessible, casual, and fresh.