Essential Spring Accessories

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Essential Spring Accessories

We all know that accessories can either make or break your entire outfit. We all want to look and feel like a million dollars and accessories are perfect for that. Accessories can take any outfit and make it look like you put so much more effort into it.

From handbags and necklaces to sunglasses and hats, you can find an accessory to match any type of style. We’ve rounded up the best accessories you must have for this spring season!

Bucket Hats

Yes, you heard that right! The ‘90s are coming back this year hotter than ever! Bucket hats provide much-needed shade for those sunny spring afternoons. only do they scream style and chicness they cover your face from the sun’s harmful rays. If you really want to make use of your bucket hat go for a bright or patterned look, this will really catch the eye of everyone around you.

bucket hat

Tiny Purses

Tiny purses took fashion week by storm! The smaller the bag, the better the whole outfit looked! Who would’ve thought that this miniature accessory would hold so much power in an outfit’s aesthetic?

This spring, it’s time to elevate and complete your outfit with a tiny handbag. These adorable accessories are perfect for a night out with friends. Make sure you buy a tiny purse in a dark colour so that you can pair it with any outfit in your closet.

tiny purses


Pearls are going to be a girls’ best friend this spring season! Pearls are really going to add that extra jaw-dropping factor to your outfit without being over barring. The great thing about pearls is that you have so many options to choose from depending on your outfit. You can go for pearl earrings, bracelets, hair berets, necklaces, etc. Try incorporating peals into your next outfit of the day for a more sophisticated and fancier look!



Nothing tells you that warm weather has arrived than a nice pair of sunglasses. During fashion week there were lots of different unique sunglasses styles. One that particularly was seen over and over again was the angular frame. There were sunglasses in diamond, hexagon, and triangle form. These sunglasses will be the perfect accessory during those sunny warm days!


Spring Accessories

Fashion week was amazing this year! There are so many different accessories to choose from this spring! From cute pearl necklaces, and earrings to angular sunglasses frames. Spring is all about trying new styles and looks and what better way to start than purchasing some chic, and trendy accessories!