Must-Try Fall 2020 Makeup Trends

Fall 2020 Makeup Trends

Must-Try Fall 2020 Makeup Trends

Summer is slowly coming to an end and so are the summer makeup trends. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you be the first to know about the hottest fall 2020 makeup trends! Makeup can get repetitive, especially if you wear it every day, so this fall we’re adding color, spice, and bold looks to our routine! Whether you’re wearing these looks to class, to work, for a night out, or even just at home, it’s time to switch out your dull makeup for something you can feel good about! Read on to learn about the trendiest makeup looks of the season.

All Eyes on You

Let’s talk eyeshadow, ladies. We all know about the classic “smokey” eyeshadow looks with neutral colors like browns, greys, and blacks. It’s out with the old and in with the bold this season! Colorful smokey eyeshadow looks are so on-trend for the upcoming fall, and we love it! Instead of rocking the same eyeshadow from high school, try switching out the neutral-toned colors for something more eye-catching like blue or purple. These cool-toned lids will have heads turning no matter where you are! We love this look because since you only need one to two colors to create the smokey effect, it’s so easy and doesn’t take up much of our day. Simply start by taking your eyeshadow color of choice and sweep it all over the lid, blend to your liking, and that’s all it takes. An affordable makeup brand that offers bold shadow colors is Morphe. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding Morphe at Ulta. They have an online store where you shop their makeup palettes that cost less than $50.00!

Now, let’s focus on the eyeliner. Eyeliner is one of those products that takes our makeup looks up a notch with one step. It’s no question that black eyeliner will always be here to stay, but colored eyeliner for the fall can take any look to the next level. We’ve seen bold colors, like orange, on the runway and we are here for the statement liners. Another big hit is white eyeliner, which makes your eyes pop and seem bigger and brighter! Who wouldn’t love that? Although colored eyeliner was also a summer trend, we’re bringing in the fall tones for the fall season. Switching over from colors like neon blue and pink to warmer tones like burnt orange and red. NYX Cosmetics is a drugstore makeup brand with amazing prices and beautiful colored liquid liners! They have every color you can think of and they are just as good quality as higher-end brands!

Kissing Summer Goodbye

Summer is on its way out, which means it’s time to switch up our lip colors! As much as we loved wearing our tinted chapstick all season long, we can’t wait to bring out the dark and sultry lips for fall 2020. Dark lip colors always tend to come out when we head into the colder months, but this year we’re adding some shine as well. Matte lipstick is a big no-no for the fall season, so don’t pack away your lip glosses just yet. We love adding a gloss over our dark colors like brown and red to give it more dimension. Although dark lips dominate the fall season, nude lips are still here to stay. Nude lipstick is perfect all year round because it matches every look, and there is a shade for everyone! Mac Cosmetics is by far one of the best brands to find lip colors because of their massive color selection! Be sure to head over to your local Mac store or shop on their online store to find your perfect fall lip shade!

Makeup You Need in Your Kit This Fall

Makeup is so fun to play around with, especially when the seasons change. We love it when fall rolls around because we get to try dark and bold looks that we normally wouldn’t do in the summer. These trends are amazing because they are so easy to do and will look great on anybody! Get creative, experiment, and personalize your makeup looks this season to what works on you. We can’t wait to see you nail that Instagram picture once you try out these trends!