No Rules for Plus-Size Dressing

No Rules for Plus-Size Dressing

Are you over a size 14? Convinced that you’re bound by certain style guidelines? There are no rules when it comes to plus-size dressing. Say farewell to rules such as: “bright colors or prints will call unnecessary attention to your shape and make you look bigger” or “following trends is too risky, just stick to the basics.” Implement new rules for yourself like making sure the color you choose to wear complements your complexion or making sure prints are proportion to the scale of the body. If a trend floats your boat, by all means go with it. The trick is to adapt a trend in a way that works for your shape. Are you dying to wear a crop top? Go ahead! …opt for one that’s cut longer and pair it with a high-waisted denim jean.

Wear White Loud and Proud

The key to a flattering wardrobe piece comes down to fit, not color. Just like black will not make you look smaller if it doesn’t fit properly, white will not make you look larger if you find the right pieces. A huge tip is to pick materials with substance and structure. This will not only help provide support, but that extra thickness will ensure your undies don’t show when you’re in the sun.

plus-size white tee

Flattering Button-Down Shirts

The key to finding the right button-down shirt is looking for one that has stretch and design details that create shape. Whoever said button-shirts are unflattering on plus-size women was dead wrong! Button-down shirts actually complement curves. They also make great day-to-night pieces. You can create a sophisticated look by pairing a button-down shirt with long black slacks or a pencil skirt.

plus-size button down shirts

Dressing in Monochrome the Right Way

Monochrome outfits not only save you time to get ready, but they flow nicely. Layering one color family together creates interesting dimension, but you shouldn’t abuse it. Although monochrome can really work wonders, throwing on random pieces in the same shade can also make you look sloppy. One way to avoid this is by playing around with different fabrics. Add some texture to your look, instead of wearing the same fabric head to toe.

plus-size black monochrome outfit

plus-size blue monochrome outfit

Stripes Aren’t the Enemy

Rules are meant to be broken, so let’s destroy all those old school plus-size style rules. Who ever decided that plus-size women can’t rock stripes? A little vertical and horizontal action will look great on curves. Try to stay away from thick, straight-across horizontal bands. Thinner stripes tend to have a more slimming effect, creating an optical illusion for good.

plus-size striped bodysuit

Say Goodbye to Baggy Clothes

You’ll appear much larger if you layer yourself in yards of heavy fabric. Instead, show off your shape in clothing that follows your curves. Nowadays, there’s fabric that have the perfect amount of stretch to give you a smooth and sexy look without feeling uncomfortably tight. Go for wardrobe pieces that are more fitted – having volume on either the top or bottom is okay as long as its not your whole outfit.

plus-size skinny jean

plus-size tube bodysuit