Return to the Gym With These Activewear Pieces

Return to the Gym With These Activewear Pieces

It’s that time of year again. After overindulging yourself during the holiday, you’re probably ready to start a new diet and hit the gym. That’s the spirit because it’s a new year and a new you! Heading to the gym can actually be fun if you know exactly what to wear. From different style tops to different style bottoms, you have an endless amount of choices to look stylish while you workout.

Different Style Tops

A top can really make or break your workout. If you are thinking about throwing on an old t-shirt as your workout top, you can stop right there. There are so many workout tops out there that you might not know where to even begin. Let’s start with some basic tops.

sports bra

Crop Tops

Crop tops are a great choice for the gym. Not only are they cute and simple they provide you that extra level of comfort while you are working out. You can opt for either a tight crop top or a loose-fitting crop top.

cropped t-shirt

cropped tank

Long Sleeve Tops

Long sleeve tops are a great option to help you feel comfortable and confident while doing pull-ups, jumping jacks, and any other physical activity. Long sleeve tops can again either be form fitting or lose depending on what you are comfortable with.

long sleeve cropped


Athletic Jackets

An overall favorite gym must have activewear piece is an athletic jacket. An athletic jacket is great to wear when you are heading over to the gym and great to use when you are beginning your workout. Athletic jackets can help get your blood flowing while you begin your session. Another great thing about athletic jackets is that you can wear them when you are done with your workout and you can wear them even when you are not working out as an everyday jacket.

active jacket

track jacket

Stylish Sneakers

No athletic wardrobe is complete without a pair of stylish workout sneakers. There are tons of different styles of sneakers to choose from. If you are looking for sneakers that will go with most of your gym attire, try a pair of black or white sneakers. If you want to be a little more spontaneous and stand out, then pair your workout wardrobe with some bright colored sneakers such as hot pink or neon yellow. Style ideas are endless; just make sure the sneakers are comfortable when you are performing physical activities.


leather sneakers

Gym Accessories

No gym outfit is complete without some cute trendy accessories to help you complete your workouts at the gym. Running armbands are great for those who want to listen to music while they are running on the treadmill. If you bring a lot of items with you at the gym it would be great to invest in a stylish gym bag to hold all of your items. Lastly what better accessory then a colorful water bottle to help you push through your extreme workouts?

water bottle

resistance band

Returning to the Gym in Style

SQUAT, JUMP, repeat! Going back to the gym can sometimes be a hard decision. Luckily there are amazing activewear pieces that can make going to the gym an easier choice. Rock cute and trendy crop and long sleeve tops, athletic jackets, stylish shoes, and cute accessories to make your gym experience amazing!