Tie-Dye & Unmatching Prints

Tie-Dye & Unmatching Prints

While it’s easy to fall into the relentless pattern of dull colours and solid prints, it has never been more fun to flaunt some unmatching patterns, bright colours, and bold styles. Rather than letting the ever so trendy tie-dye craze, or pairing unmatching prints intimidate you, you should embrace a fun amount of craziness and welcome it into your closet. Follow our simple tips and tricks to help you pull off this unapologetically fun look while still looking put together. We want you to feel confident in outfits that you may not have thought to wear in the past. After all, the key to pulling off any look, no matter how bold or crazy, is confidence.   Our guide will help you light up a room with your funky patterns and prints.

Mix Patterns, But Keep Colours Constant

Although mixing patterns is a completely acceptable fashion decision, there are still a few rules that you have to follow to avoid a total fashion disaster. The most important rule you must follow is making sure the patterns you are mixing are from the same colour family. In other words, pick a colour palette and stick to it. Picking two drastically different colours could put you at risk for looking like you just rolled out of bed and put on the only clean outfit you had available. If you have a cute striped blouse with red, pink, white, and orange stripes, and white pants, with polka dots that match any of the other four colours on the top, you have an adorable and acceptable pairing. Make sure the colours from your top aren’t all on your pants though.  This will look like a colour overload.  Keep it simple and only match one or two colours to show that you aren’t being too aggressive with your matching, but you still put time, effort, and thought into your look.

polka dot top

striped blouse

Rock Tie-Dye Unapologetically

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they decide to wear bold colours or patterns is that they don’t go all-in with their decision. The truth of the matter is that if you’re going to wear a neon tie-dye top, you’re going to stand out from the crowd no matter what, so why even attempt to try and hide? Show off your vibrant look! If you aren’t into pairing patterns with patterns, then you can still mix patterns with bright colours together for a bold and fresh outfit. Pick the brightest or most fun colour in your wardrobe, and get a bottom or top to match it. It’s that simple. This way you’re still making a statement without being too over the top or capturing too much attention (although we still support and love the idea of mixing unmatching patterns). Regardless of how you decide to style a bright colour or pattern, you’ll still make a powerful statement.  The more you try to cover up your bright colours, the worse it will look, so wear your colours with pride and show off your style confidence.

tie dye dress

tie dye shirt

Pick What’s Trending Now

When you’re deciding to mix various colours and patterns into your everyday wardrobe,  you must make sure what you’re wearing is up to date. The last thing you want is to be an eyesore sporting last seasons trends. Unfortunately, trends of various colours and patterns come and go all the time, so when you get new pieces to rotate into your wardrobe, you want to make sure that they are what’s in style right now.  Bright colours, in current styles, will make you look fashionable and up to date on all of the latest trends. For this season, we recommend adding camo, tie-dye, and star prints into your wardrobe. These patterns are a safe bet in terms of being fashionable. You can also wear each of these patterns so many different ways and dress them up or down. As a bonus, they also look amazing on women of all shapes, sizes, colours, and ages. In terms of the colours we recommend sticking to with these prints, basic primary colours are all the rage this season, so keeping with that colour palette will keep you looking trendy.


camo denim short

Mixing Styles

The fun doesn’t end at colours and patterns.  When done right, mixing different styles of clothing can also look cool and chic. We love mixing a more conservative collared top with a patterned mini skirt to add a fun and unexpected twist to our outfits. Another option would be to pair a modern straight-leg sleek pant with a flowy bohemian top. Mixing these styles is a fun way to show off your style versatility and ability to put unexpected pieces together and make them look great. There’s no better way to show that you are a fabulous fashionista than to mix various styles of clothing and make them look like a match made in heaven. By rule of thumb, the best way to do so is to make sure all of the clothes you wear hit you in the right places to accentuate your body and make you feel amazing.

Mix Bold Patterns, Colours & Styles This Season

Now that you know all of the great ways you can mix and match different colours, patterns, and styles you’ll try some variations yourself.   As long as you follow our rules and suggestions and how to remain stylish and put together when doing so, you have nothing to lose. Feel confident and look stylish this season with our tips and tricks.