A Girl’s Favorite Dresses

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A Girl’s Favorite Dresses

A girl only dreams to find the perfect dress when shopping for a special occasion. A dress that flatters your best features and fits perfectly with your body type. Whether you’re going to a wedding, brunch with the girls in the city, or just simple dinner night with loved ones.

Flounce Dress

A flounce dress is usually quite smooth at the top and wider near the bottom.

flounce dress

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a floor or ankle length informal dress, but depending on the style and material – it can also be formal. Maxi dresses are formfitting at the top and loose flowing at the bottom, cut to flow over the body. They come in a variety of necklines, colors, and patterns.

maxi dress


A sundress is worn in the course of hotter climate, so in the spring or summer season. It is more casual and usually has a looser shape. Sundresses are generally created of cotton and light-weight supplies. They come in many different designs and style. I would opt for a floral sundress.


Cocktail Dress

A cocktail dress is semi-official and worn to cocktail events. There are many different exclusive patterns, you just have to find one that will best suit you and your body. It’s the best quick evening attire for women. I would wear a cocktail dress to a special event such as a wedding.

cocktail dress

Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are more of a formal look. Shirt dresses are generally denim or cotton based long shirts. They are not body-hugging dresses, so they can be worn by any body type. Their length might vary from knee length or ankle length. Shirt dresses are a chic and casual look. I would wear a shirt dress for a quick lunch in the city.

shirt dress

Blazer Dress

Blazer dresses can be worn without pants. Blazer dresses are often an oversized blazer worn as a dress. You can wear a blazer dress with a statement belt at the waist – to accessorize.

blazer dress

Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses come with fabric that will need to be fastened around. These dresses are lightweight and cling to your body and have v-necklines. This is usually a casual chic look.

wrap dress