Dress Trends for Spring You Can’t Miss

ruched back mini dress

Dress Trends for Spring You Can’t Miss

Thinking about ditching the long pants and heavy layers? Say no more because spring is in full swing. For this season, some classics have stuck around and made their way into our closets and inevitably, our fashionista hearts. Wearing a dress is a personal experience like no other and finding the dress you don’t want to take off can definitely be intimidating. But don’t give up just yet – we’ve all been there! If you’re thinking about where to start when it comes to spring dresses, sit back, relax, and get your wallets ready. Fashion Style Guru has got you covered.

Chic Wrap Dresses

Again, we’ve all been there. Long days in the dressing room trying on dress after dress after dress. All of the buttons and zippers will leave you exhausted especially with 10 others waiting on the rack. For our ladies who can’t think of struggling with a back zipper again, wrap dresses will be your new favorite alternative. Throw these dresses on like a robe and tie it up however you’d like! When you eliminate zippers and buttons, you’re on the road to a comfortable all-day wear dress. To make your look pop for spring, introduce polka dot patterns and puffy sleeves. The classic polka dot pattern will give your wrap dress movement while a puffy sleeve will give you the structure a wrap dress needs!

Whichever way you wear a wrap dress this season, you’re going to love the versatility. Wearing jeans and a cute top to Sunday brunch? Keep your wrap dress untied and you have a kimono-like over throw perfect for spring weather!

Sleek in Silk

OK, so maybe you’re not ready to trade in your cotton and linen dresses completely, and we don’t blame you. While cotton and linen are staples in our spring wardrobe, there’s no doubt that these materials lack in the shine department. For a night out with friends, a silk or satin slip dress is going to be your go-to look. These fabrics know exactly how to reflect light, so you can keep it simple when it comes to jewelry and accessories. To top off your look for those chilly spring nights, a simple oversized blazer will give you added coverage to keep your warm while also complimenting the draping of the dress!

Length for Days

It’s out with the old and in with the new! Add some length to your favorite looks with midi-dresses. These column-like silhouetted dresses will elongate the body and the hemline is a modern twist on the infamous maxi-dress. Falling above the ankle, this dress is going to add a lot of movement that a mini dress can’t! The way midi dresses fall will leave you with the perfect canvas to play with colorful and fun footwear.

To add texture, choose a pleated dress with embellishments. The pleats and cut of the dress will make you look like you stepped right off the fashion week runway!

Dress Up for Spring

Think outside the box this spring season! With so many trendy dresses to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that aligns with your style. For all things spring fashion, be sure to subscribe to the Fashion Style Guru blog where you’ll get all the tips and tricks you need to look your best!