Creative Ideas: Keeping Fashion Alive from Home

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Creative Ideas: Keeping Fashion Alive from Home

Right now, fashion and buying new clothes may not be on our minds and that’s okay. In reality, some of us might have bigger things to worry about, and there’s no doubt that anxiety levels are through the roof at the moment. One of the best ways to beat anxiety and lift yourself up during self-quarantine is to get creative. Luckily, many of us have found fashion as an outlet to express ourselves. Fashion has been there for us through thick and thin, and although everything seems like it’s up in the air now, the Fashion Style Guru has put together some creative fashionista related projects to help you pass the time!

Something Old & Something New

When it comes to this at home project idea, you don’t have to be a skilled seamstress or veteran designer. With some extra time on your hands, break out those pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a while and distress them for a breath of fresh air. Have you seen seeing tie-dye outfits in magazines recently? Dive into some nostalgic memories and tie-dye an old shirt for a fun summer piece. For a grungy feel, take some scissors out and make it a crop top! For the denim jacket you have stored away, add some details that give off an embroidery feel. You’ll simply need a needle and thread to make a cool pattern anywhere you choose. With some easy hacks and tutorials online, you can easily take something that has been sitting in your closet for a while and transform it with your twist.

Build a Trend/Mood Board

Have a subscription to a bunch of different magazines? Tear out the pages that give off the most inspiration and create a trend or mood board for the upcoming season. This way, you can still play around with the fashions everyone is missing out on currently. Don’t forget to bookmark the trends that you think will be sticking around for a while. You never know, you might identify next season’s hottest trend before anyone else! To make these boards more personal, you can add elements of a vision board and include goals you’d like to meet for yourself in the future. To all of our fashionistas out there, remember that this is temporary and soon we’ll be back enjoying the activities we love!

Challenge Yourself & Call Up Your Friends

Being quarantined at home means having some extra time to call up friends and family. Recently we’ve been seeing celebrities on Instagram challenging themselves to create work-from-home looks with things they find around the house. This is a great way to get your friends involved and this challenge is video-call friendly!

If you’re anything like us at Fashion Style Guru, you probably have a million different outfit ideas stored away in your head. For some reason, we typically bypass those creative ideas and choose our “safe” outfit for the night. If you always seem to be rushing to put an outfit together, take this time at home to try on those out-of-the-box looks you’ve been keeping hidden away. Have you been eyeing up a makeup trend? You don’t have to limit yourself! Take this time to reflect and build upon your creative skills during self-quarantine. You might build outfits you didn’t even know you had!

Taking A Step Back

However you decide to spend your time at home, it’s worth noting that any creative outlet you choose to do will help you unwind and disconnect for a little bit. Use this time to hone in on the skills that you may have lost touch with and think positively about what the future holds for you and your fashion-loving heart. If all of us fashionistas stick together, we’ll come out of this with more creative elements to bring to the table, so stay home and stay safe!