Don’t Forget to Pack These Ski Trip Outfit Essentials

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Don’t Forget to Pack These Ski Trip Outfit Essentials

Ready? Set! Jump! You just planned a ski trip with your friends this upcoming weekend and you can’t wait to hit the slopes, shred some snow, and look fabulous doing so! If this is your first time going on a ski trip, you’re probably drawing a blank on what to pack for the eventful weekend. There’s no need to worry! We’ve gathered the essential items to pack that will keep you looking cool on and off the ski slopes.

Gloves or Mittens

As you prepare for the snowy weekend, one key item that you need for your skit outfit are a warm pair of gloves or mittens. Gloves or mittens will keep your fingers warm, which is very important when you spend an extended amount of time in the cold weather. Make sure you grab a pair in a neutral color or go all out and get some funky fun colors! As an extra tip, some gloves and mittens allow you to use your phone without having to take them off! Think about all of the great pictures you’ll be able to capture during your trip!


Keep Warm With a Scarf

If you are trying to stay warm on this magical ski trip, then you cannot forget to pack a warm scarf. Scarves will not only keep your neck warm, but they will also protect your face from the frigid temperature and gusts of wind. If you want to stand out from the crowd chose a scarf that will add a pop of color to your outfit. If you want more of a low-key look, choose a dark color scarf that will go with your whole wardrobe.


Staying Snug With A Stylish Hat

As you prepare for your first run down the slopes, don’t forget to throw a hat on. Hats will cover your head from the cold as well as your ears. Not only will hats keep you warm they can also look very chic and stylish! Hats can be worn over your helmet and an added bonus is that you can rock your hair down to take cute selfies!


Don’t Forget Waterproof Jackets

You might find yourself slipping into the snow here and there. A must have on this ski outing is to have a waterproof jacket. A waterproof jacket will not only keep you warm but it will prevent your jacket from feeling wet when you fall into the snow or if it randomly begins to snow.


Invest in Snow Boots

If there is anything that you must have when you are skiing is a pair of good snow boots. Snow boots will not only keep your feet warm they will protect your feet from the cold snow. Snow boots are also great because they will grip to the snow making it a little more difficult for you to slip and fall. Snow boots come in so many different colors that it’s almost impossible to not find a pair that will go with your outfit!

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Enjoy Your Ski Trip in Style

There is nothing more exciting than skiing during the winter! Grab all of your winter ski essentials and head to the slopes! After spending some time in the cold you can grab yourself a hot chocolate and look at all of the amazing pictures you took while skiing!