Enjoy Breezy Fresh Air with These Sleeveless Tops

Enjoy Breezy Fresh Air with These Sleeveless Tops

The beautiful weather and sunshine-filled days make august the perfect time to get outside and enjoy nature. Whether you take a day off from your 9-to-5 for a picnic with the kids, invite the girls over for a dinner party on the deck, or enjoy a night out to dinner with your husband, there are so many ways to enjoy the dwindling days of summer. Having three months free from snowstorms and parkas isn’t something us Canadians take lightly, so embracing the breezy summer air is an absolute must. Finding some stylish and comfortable tops to make your outdoor activities even better is a breeze with these fun choices. Suzy Shier’s massive online women’s clothing store has a plethora of options to help all ladies enjoy August comfortably.

A Bold Fit: Flare Blouse

sleeveless print top

Pops of colour and funky prints are perfect for summer. This top is a no-brainer for your next night out with the family. The peacock-inspired print stands out while the high neckline keeps it classy and conservative. You want to catch people’s attention, but it’s hard when you’re busy meeting everyone else’s needs. Start turning heads by wearing this eye-catching top the next time you get dressed up. Shier’s gorgeous collection is full of pieces to keep you feeling amazing!

This Asymmetrical Tank Top

Making the transition from hard-working woman to caring mother can be exhausting. Your wardrobe should be the least of your problems! Remember: versatility is key. This simple and classic asymmetrical shirt works just as well for sitting at your desk as it does at the park on Sunday afternoon. Whether pairing it with shorts and sandals or creating a dressier business-casual office ensemble, this top is just the right amount of casual and smart. You’ll wish you could wear a top as soft and flowy as this one all the time.

An Understated Halter Top

color block halter top

No matter your body type, a halter neckline is a great choice for your everyday look. This universally flattering neckline shows off your shoulders and looks fabulous with a pair of statement earrings. The colour block pattern keeps it playful yet polished. This top is perfect for transitioning from daytime to nighttime. The classic black and white colour combo of this ensemble may seem basic, but it allows you to wear it with anything and still match.

Shop Suzy Shier’s Online Women’s Clothing Store for Comfy August Fashion

As we all know, style only gets better with age. Adding these pieces to your wardrobe is definitely a step in the right direction. Though shopping becomes more of a chore than a fun activity as we get older, it doesn’t mean you’re restricted to boring patterns or hideous trends. Finding classic pieces that allow you to embrace your style without sacrificing comfort or practicality is something Suzy Shier knows all about. Whether you’re hunting for tops that allow you to enjoy the summer breeze, or you’re simply looking for an excuse to show off your toned arms, these women’s sleeveless shirts are sure to make you feel confident.