How To Mix Stripes Like A Style Champ

side stripe drawstring hoodie

How To Mix Stripes Like A Style Champ

If you want to earn your stripes, you’ve got to go the extra mile. This means pushing the limit and wearing stripes upon stripes upon stripes. Daunting? Absolutely. Many style queens often shy away from the challenge. However, we’ve seen successes from the fashion elite, like mixing denim on denim, and now it’s time to do the same with stripes. However, mixing stripes walks a fine line. Allow the style experts at Fashion Style Guru to guide you through how to sizzle in stripes without looking like you got dressed in the dark.

Triple Threat

Forget double! Are you ready for a triple threat? Get ready because double denim, double pattern, and double stripes are coming your way. A side stripe is one of the easiest ways to wear this season’s hottest prints. For a statement-making look, sport a bold matching ensemble adorned with red-hot stripes that make the outfit. We urge you to slay the entire look, but both pieces alone can still help achieve the striking street style stardom you crave.

side stripe cropped denim jacket

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Varsity Stripe + Belted Pant

Subtle stripes make everything nice! There’s no right way to wear two bold pieces without clashing. Therefore, subtly is your key to success. A soft chenille sweater with three varsity sleeve stripes paired with high-rise pants with faint pinstripes is the ultimate alternative.

varsity striped sweater

ruffle high rise striped skinny pant

Identify Dominant Hues

Much like looking for a significant other, stripes must complement one another; otherwise, you run the risk of looking like a complete hot mess. Find a dominant color and roll with it. This V-neck collared top and side stripe mom jean both radiate yellow hues. Voila, the perfect mix and match without clash! Remember to pair this getup with white kicks to make the entire look pop even more.

striped collared cropped long sleeve

side stripe mom jean

Side Stripe + Pinstripe Pant

When you opt for earthy tones, mixing patterns and stripes become a whole lot easier. A great place to start is gray, black, and white, so make sure you stock your dresser with these colors. A black side stripe ribbed sweater impeccably paired with gray high-rise pinstripe pant is how the experts do it. Do you feel like you need some more items for inspiration? No problem! Let one of our personal favorite brands, Urban Planet, provide you with the style and stripes to master the art of mixing and matching.

side stripe ribbed sweater

side stripe skinny pant