How to Rock Skinny Jeans This Summer

How to Rock Skinny Jeans This Summer

Skinny jeans are fun, fitted, stylish and an easy way to flaunt your figure this summer! If you’re new to this type of fit, don’t worry. Now is the perfect time to experiment with skinny jeans to create looks hotter than the sizzling sun. Here are some outfit suggestions that will have you rockin’ skinny jeans all summer long!

High-Rise Dark Wash Skinny Jeans + Fitted Sleeveless Top

High-rise skinny jeans make your legs look longer, which is why I usually rock darker jeans with a fitted, sleeveless top! This look draws more attention to the darker denim, making you look even more structured and statuesque. Gosh, I love darker colours.

skinny jean

cut out top 

High-Rise Light Wash Skinny Jeans + Crop Top

Confession time: I have nearly a dozen pairs of light wash jeans. (Stay mad about it, haters). Light wash skinny jeans are perfect for summer! Their light hue helps them stand out even more than dark wash high-rise jeans, which is great if you love commanding attention. So maximize this effect with a matching crop top to show off those legs.

skinny jean

cropped tank

Serving this look sends a clear message that you’re ready for some summer shenanigans. If you want to spice up your look, opt for a black crop top for a dramatic contrast! Slip into some block heels or wedges, and you’re ready to go.

 Black Skinny Jeans + Patterned Blouse + Sunglasses

Most people typically don’t associate black jeans with summer. Winter and autumn usually come to mind. But you can rock black jeans any time of the year, so long as you have an appropriate top on hand.

A longer, flowy blouse will soften the look against the form-fitted, black skinny jeans. Stripes will especially pop and make you look even more elegant. Break out your favorite pair of sunglasses to complete the look! Sandals, heels or flats all look great with this outfit. I prefer a comfy pair of flats, but you can choose whatever floats your boat.

black skinny jean


White Skinny Jeans + Graphic Tee

No jeans scream summer more than white jeans, so there are endless possibilities for great summer looks here! Pair them with a fun graphic tee for some fun and casual contrast from the defined, leg-hugging pants. A pair of sneakers would be the perfect footwear for such a fun and casual style.

distressed skinny jean

Distressed Skinny Jeans + Tube Top + Bucket Hat

When I think of ripped skinny jeans, I think of edgy, bold and free-spirited looks. Tube tops are just as free-spirited, which is why they’re usually my go-to choice.

Bucket hats are a wildly popular trend and bring this look together perfectly. Gladiator sandals, flats with ribbons or chunky heels would really work with such a fun look… the bolder and more free-spirited the better!

tube top

light wash skinny jean

bucket hat

Basically, skinny jeans are the perfect curve-hugging pants to flatter your summer body, and the styling options seem endless. So fill your wardrobe with skinny jeans for a sensational stylin’ summer!