Skinny Jean Styling Tips

Pull-On Skinny Denim Pants

Skinny Jean Styling Tips

If you’re embarking on your daily quest for fashion-forward style inspiration, then look no further than some skinny bottoms. Think about it: a different fit means an entirely different look. There are a couple of basics that you’ll need to be successful in all of your skinny bottom adventures.

The Basic Pair

This is your go-to pair of skinny bottoms. In our case, we prefer skinny jeans. These should be your perfect fit in terms of length. While the decision is entirely yours, we recommend you opt for a more straight-legged pair than skin-tight bottoms.

Doing so will allow for an overall slimming effect while creating an illusion of incredibly long legs.

The Second Skin

This skinny bottom piece should look like it was painted onto your body. This fit allows you to sport tight over-the-knee boots and avoid bunching.

The Cropped Pair

These skinny bottoms should hit well above your ankles. When you style this piece, don’t forget to wear your favourite set of ankle booties to avoid unnecessary bunching. Trust us when we say you’ll thank us later.

You want the jeans to end where your booties begin to avoid bunching and looking shorter than you really are. The more streamlined a silhouette the taller and slimmer you’ll appear.

Building Your Outfit

The best part about skinny bottoms is that they’re basically blank canvases. In other words, you can pretty much do anything you want to them. You can highlight them in any style: casual, chic, girly, and edgy. It’s all about how you choose to style skinny bottoms and make them your own. For instance, two people can have the exact same pair of skinny bottoms and hardly know it because the overall look differs so greatly. Even better, these pieces are incredibly easy to switch out for when you’re on the go.

Start with a basic white & black t-shirt and skinny jeans foundation.

For a casual look, throw on a pair of sneakers and a knit top. If you want to add some drama to your look, switch out the sneakers for boots. Next, add a leather jacket and shake out the topknot. Voila! You get a new look in less than five minutes.

For a more polished outfit, simply swap out the basic white t-shirt for a blouse, and don’t be afraid to tuck it. Complete the look with a trendy pair of mules or loafers to give your look some classic vibes.

Lighter wash skinny bottoms can also help you achieve the pastel princess aesthetic. You could also go with coloured skinny bottoms to shake things up. Remember: these pieces come in all different shades and sizes, which make them a versatile staple to have in any closet.