In-VEST In These Trendy Vests

duster vest

In-VEST In These Trendy Vests

When you hear the word vest, you might picture a big puffer vest or a bulky winter jacket. Those vests may be popular, but they are certainly not the only styles available.  We’re here to tell you that there are way more styles and ways to wear this 2019 trend. This versatile layer can bring your usual street style ensembles to the next level.

We’re guessing you don’t have a closet full of vests to choose from, and the ones you do have are not what you pull out when you want to make a fashion statement. Luckily for you, Urban Planet has plenty of stylish women’s vests that work with anyone’s style. The vests we’ve chosen will show you that you can look trendy, chic, and classy when you add more vests to your wardrobe.

Feminine Self-Belted Vest

belted waterfall vest

This pick, in particular, provides lots of styling options. You can wear it open so it flows or be cinch it around your waist with the attached belt to give your outfit an entirely different vibe. We love having the choice to wear it both ways.  It comes in a neutral colour that is perfect for mixing and matching. This sophisticated vest will make your usual, casual summer attire come across just a bit more polished.

Basic Linen Vest

linen waterfall vest

This vest is a perfect piece for summer that helps easily transition your wardrobe into fall. The linen fabric isn’t heavy, so you don’t have to worry about sweating when you layer this vest in the August sun. The light, basic colour goes with just about everything. You could effortlessly grab this on your way out the door to wear over a pair of skinny jeans or shorts to dress your look up a bit more.

Playful Open-Front Duster

open-front duster

We love the unique style of this vest. Not only does the bold teal colour scream summer, but the gold accent on either side gives it the extra pop that we love. This vest is perfect for warm weather with an open front that is clearly meant to show off what’s underneath. Worn with a neutral-coloured summer dress, this vest provides an added layer of protection against the summer breeze without covering up your stylish outfit. If there were ever a time to take a fashion risk, now is the time to do it with this bright vest.

Longline Vest

belted longline vest

This vest is not only edgy but super flattering in the front too. Rather than hanging along your sides like your usual longline sweater, the waterfall vest gives you the illusion of curves. It combines comfort and class, a combination we can always get behind. This is a great choice for your next night out. A pair of heels will complete the look accentuating your hidden legs that are underneath the long length of the vest.

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Vests are one trend that does not get enough credit. With so many ways to wear them and so many new styles popping up in stores, we honestly can’t believe we didn’t make vests a closet staple a long time ago. Urban Planet has such a great selection of vests that you’re bound to find one that you love.  If you haven’t already, this month is the time to shop for the vest that works for you and watch it transform all of your outfits.