Makeup Essentials for Beginners


Makeup Essentials for Beginners

Makeup beginners do not be confused with the overwhelming products available on internet. From thousands of styles of make up brushes to all those eyelash curlers there are so many items available in the market that it might be tough for you to choose. If you would like to work on the art of makeup but do not want to spend a lot on it then we are here to help you. We have picked some basic products that are must haves for the newbie’s.

Basics for your Face/Skin – BB cream is an all-in-one cream that offers the benefits of makeup and skincare in one easy step. This one cream acts as a primer, tints and smoothes the skin which saves you time and money from investing in individual primer, toner etc. This cream is also suitable for all skin types and tones which reduces the time and effort of trying various shades of foundation to match your skin. Along with the BB cream you can apply a compact and a bronzer/ highlighter to highlight those cheekbones and give more definition to your face.


glow and bronzer kit

For your eyes – Among the most important features of your face is your – Use the double headed brush from the below Browlyst eyebrow kit to shape the brows and apply the gel that suits best. Make sure the gel is both smudge proof and waterproof to have a long lasting effect. The last thing you would want is different shades on each eyebrow. I personally am not a fan of fake lashes, instead I prefer to use a primer for intense look along with appearance of volume and length and use a mascara over it.


eye makeup kit

For those pouty Selfies – No make up is complete without the lips. Everyone loves a soft and smooth lips and one of the best way to have them is by using a natural scrub to exfoliate. I am also a big fan of lip balms now that we have the cold weather approaching that tends to make our lips chap. To keep it simple and get a day to nigh look one of the easiest way is to use a lip tint with a gloss or even just keep the lips natural and go with a transparent gloss. Here are some products that is easy to use and great to carry in your purse.

lip scrub

Makeup tools. To apply your makeup properly you would need the right tools. These are some essentials you will need so you can be a pro.

Tweezer and curler kit – Am sure you agree with me that on some days a brush alone will not do the trick and for those days pros suggest to work with tweezer and curler to achieve the desired look.


Vanity Organizer – An organizer is a must for every woman who deals with makeup because for all those crazy mornings when we are rushing to get out the door this will be a lifesaver to find every makeup item in one place rather than rummaging your vanity chest to find the right lip tint.

makeup organizer

Cleansing Wipes. For all those nights when you are lazy to wash your face trust me makeup wipes will be your best friend.

cleansing wipes