Must-Have Bags To Grab Before Spring Ends


Must-Have Bags To Grab Before Spring Ends

Drop what you are doing! Spring is nearing its end, which can only mean one thing: SALES, SALES, and MORE SALES. Now is the time to claim style essentials at a discounted price. Today, let’s talk bags and purses. We love them. You love them. And any sensible fashionista has a closet packed to the brim with bags in different styles, designs, and colours.

Purses and bags are the gifts that keep on giving because you can rock any time of the year. Don’t miss out these last-minute bags you’ll want to grab before it’s too late.

Trendy Clutches

This season it’s all about beautiful and elegant clutches. Clutches are perfect for a night out such as for a date or a night where you go and get dinner with some co-workers. Clutches are small enough where they won’t be a hassle but big enough to put all of your basic necessities. You’ll want one of these bags in all of the season’s trendiest colors. We’re talking black, tan, princess blue, mango mojito, and living coral!


Crossbody Purses

Who doesn’t love a great crossbody? For style that never gets old, pick yourself up a square straw crossbody purse. This style lets you finish your bohemian, minimal and eclectic ‘fits with the must-have accessory this spring and summer. This crossbody purse has a structured square shape and features a faux-leather buckle closure and adjustable strap.


But what if you want to change things up a little. There’s a huge twist to the traditional crossbody this spring, and we’re obsessed with it – fringe. This fringe look gives off that chic vibe without being too over the top. This fringe look comes in all different colors, but the most popular choices are black, hot pink, nude, and fire red!

Belt Bags

Belt bags caused quite a stir during fashion week this season! So you can probably expect them to keep popping up in the future. Belt bags are great for girls who are always on the go. Both simple and trendy, these must-have bags come with enough room to fit all of your essentials! These bags are ideal when you are running errands or just looking for something simple to wear. These belt bags come in so many different colors such as black, teal, orange, etc.

belt bag

Micro Bags

Yes, you read that right micro bags were the talk of fashion week! These bags are so tiny you won’t even notice you have it on you. These bags are amazing for the everyday girl and girls who love to go out at night. These bags might be small but they can hold important items such as a license, and credit card.  They are so tiny that it makes them that much more convenient. This is a must-have bag for the spring! They come in all different colors so there is a color for everyone’s taste!

micro bag

Spring Bags Are Here

This spring there are so many bag options to choose from. Choose bags that you’ll find perfect for everyday use or choose a bag that will be perfect for a night out. There is a bag out there for all your needs this spring season!