Must-Have Hair Accessories for 2020

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Must-Have Hair Accessories for 2020

Over the years, hair accessories became one of our favorite summer essentials. They’re cute, fun to style, and can elevate any hairstyle! We’re traveling back in time a few decades to revisit some quintessential ‘90s hair accessories. So whether you’re having a bad hair day or want to style your hair differently, these clips, headbands, scrunchies, and barrettes are here to help! Read on to learn about our favorite hair accessories for summer 2020.

The Staple Hair Accessory: Scrunchies & Headbands

Ladies, it’s time to say, “Good-Bye” to those old hair ties that tug, pull, and damage your beautiful hair. Give your hair some love by making the switch to the scrunchies we all know and adore. Trendy scrunchies not only give your hair an extra “WOW” factor, but they’re also comfortable, adorable, and come in a plethora of different sizes and colors. No matter the thickness of your hair, there is a scrunchy out there for you! Whether you’re throwing your hair up on the go or making a statement ponytail, scrunchies are your next must-have hair accessory. You can find scrunchies at any local beauty supply store, Target, Walmart, and more!

We’re bringing it back to the ‘90s with the thick headbands. These headbands are perfect for working out, keeping your hair out of your face, or rocking a cute outfit! While fashionistas have countless options available, we prefer the classic, solid-color, cotton headbands. This style combines comfort and simplicity to create an undeniably chic style. Throw on your favorite headband when you’re having a bad hair day or to spice up your alluring streetwear look! You can find headbands at any athletic store, online retailers like Amazon, and Target.

The Classic Hair Accessory: Barrettes, Hair Clasps, & Claw Clips

Get ready for a blast from the past because we’re ecstatic see barrettes making a strong comeback. Barrettes are something we remember wearing them as a child or teen, bringing some nostalgia overload. This hair accessory is so fun to style because you can’t necessarily keep all your hair back with one small clip. We love the look of pinning the front hairpieces with two small, colorful barrettes because it gives a classic ‘90s vibe to any outfit.

Another cute way to accessorize is with hair clasps! This is a bigger clip that will actually keep hair out of your face while still giving a little flair to your impressive streetwear look. Claw clips are another hair accessory favorite! They’re so easy to throw on in a hurry and make any outfit look so put together! Claw clips have been a staple for us this summer and we know they will be a hit in the colder months as well! You can find barrettes, hair clasps, and claw clips without any trouble at Target or online stores like Amazon.

Hair Accessories to Add to Your Collection

Adding hair accessories to your outfit can create the illusion that you spent time on your look. We love hair accessories because they’re inexpensive, they add a fun touch to any look, and offer so many different styling options! Be sure to experiment with scrunchies, headbands, barrettes, claw clips, and more to take your look back to the classic style in the ‘90s.