Transitioning Summer Outfits into Fall

Fall Seasonal fashion ideas

Transitioning Summer Outfits into Fall

Between the beautiful weather, day trips to the beach, and those warm nights by a bonfire, summer is undeniably our favorite season. But summer keeps flying by, which means autumn will arrive in a few short weeks. That also means you’ll have to update your wardrobe to match the new season.

Styling outfits is always a bit tricky when transitioning seasons, but we’re here to help mitigate any headaches when cleaning out your closet. While we’re still sad to see summer go, we’re more than ready for new outfits and fashion trends! Fall is an amazing season for fashion because of the boots, warm coats, hats, gloves, and the holidays! Keep reading to learn about how we transition our summer outfits into fall.

Lightweight Overcoats

Don’t pack away your shorts and tanks just yet! The weather in September and beginning of October can still feel like we’re in the middle of July. The start of fall is a great time to bring out your overcoats like flannels, thicker button-ups, and lightweight trench coats. During the day, we love to pair our biker shorts and cropped tees with a flannel piece to transition into that breezy fall weather. Throwing on longer hemmed denim shorts with a graphic tee and a thick corduroy oversized button-up is another great daytime streetwear look. Urban Outfitters has an amazing selection of button-ups and overcoats that will ease your seasonal transition.

Since flannels are too hot to wear in the summertime, bringing them back out when the leaves begin to change is ideal. Thrift stores like Goodwill are where we have the best luck with flannels! They have oversized flannels for that streetwear look or more fitted flannels if that’s more your style. Go to your local thrift store or consignment shop to be prepared for the transition into fall!

Bring Back the Boots!

We’re obsessed with fall fashion because we get to wear the trendiest boots all season long! It’s time to bring back the boots because these shoes are an amazing way to transition your summer outfit into fall. Chunky combat boots, like from Dr. Marten’s or Steve Madden, are the perfect boot for going out at night or just a daytime look. For a casual dinner date, pair your chunky boots with baggy denim, a cropped tank, and layered necklaces. If you’re going apple or pumpkin picking, throw on a cropped tee, an oversized flannel, biker shorts, and boots for that perfect early fall look!

Hats ON This Autumn!

There is definitely a hat for every season, but wearing hats while transitioning into fall is a perfect mixture of fashion and warmth! So trade in those summery baseball caps for faux fur bucket hats and beanies. While we typically boast beanies in winter, there are still lightweight options out there that will allow for a smooth transition to fall.

Throw on your favorite colored beanie with an oversized graphic tee, sweatpants, and sneakers for an incredibly comfortable outfit. Bucket hats are a sunny day must-have! They protect your face and eyes from the sun and are also so fun to style. Great news! There are thick, faux fur bucket hats on the market that are perfect for a fall day walking around the city. Wearing, jeans, a light cropped sweater, and a thicker bucket hat is great for the season transition! Check out ASOS or PacSun for all your faux fur bucket hat needs!

Transitioning Between Seasons Made Easy

In between temperatures (we’re talking 70 degrees) can be deceiving, especially when you’re transitioning your wardrobe between seasons. One day it’s frigid and the next it’s scorching, you just never know! Don’t be afraid of bringing your summer fashion into the fall and vice versa. There are no set rules when it comes to styling outfits, so make this the time to get creative and wear what makes you happy. We hope these tips help you transition your summer outfits into fall because we’re so excited to see what you come up with this season!