Outfit Ideas For Your Summer Vacation

Outfit Ideas For Your Summer Vacation

Imagine if summer were a person; he or she would be that one friend that can always put a smile on your face. Everyone (well almost everyone) loves summer. With elevated moods, leisurely activities with friends, and adorable fashion, what’s not to love?

We haven’t even reached the crown jewel of summer: vacation! With just one quick glance at Instagram, you’ll see everyone is buzzing about planning their vacations, as well as their vacation outfits.

We can feel the warm breezes of the beaches blowing in our hairs and faces as we speak. But do you have your outfits ready for your summer vacation? If not, have no worries, because we got you covered! Here are some outfit ideas you can bring with you to on this year’s summer vacation, regardless of the destination.

Short-Sleeved Kimono and Sunhat

printed kimono

You’re going to need something light and stylish to cover on your trek down to the beach during those hot summer days. You can strut your way on the beach with style with a short-sleeved kimono to cover up your bathing suit and a sun hat to shield your face from the hot sun.

Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top With Skinny Jeans

floral crop top

After a nice day at the beach, you’ll need an outfit for dinner and drinks with your friends and family. An off-the-shoulder crop top with skinny jeans just SCREAMS vacation. More importantly, this piece can create the perfect outfit for your night out after your relaxing day. Did we also mention that this is the perfect outfit to get some heads turning? Take this gorgeous look for a spin and see for yourself.

V-Neck Crop Top With Shorts

v neck cropped tank

For your vacations days with gross weather, a v-neck crop top with shorts can do wonders for your wardrobe. This is a perfect outfit for going for a walk on the boardwalk or even a walk on the beach when the clouds cover up Mr. Sun. This casual outfit can also be great for other activities such as window shopping around town, or even just lounging around in your hotel or summerhouse.

Polka Dot Bikini

polka dot bikini

What’s a vacation without heading to the beach? Whether you’re splashing around in the waves or tanning for a perfect summer glow, a bikini is a must-have for any girl looking to turn heads on the beach this summer. Why not take it a step up a notch and give your beach look a more vintage turn? Not only everyone is a sucker for vintage patterns, but that itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini will give you beach days to remember.

“Too Glam” One-Piece Bathing Suit

one piece swimsuit

For those who are not big fans of bikinis, a one-piece bathing suit can be just as stylish. There are lots of one-piece bathing suits with fun prints and even funny taglines on them. This bathing suit can give a laid back and relaxing vibe and can remind yourself and others that you’re “too glam to give a damn.”